How does the temperature in your home effect your mood.

Your home has a huge impact on your overall mood and mental wellbeing, so it’s important to create the right environment. The way that you decorate your home makes a big difference and simple things like removing clutter can make you feel a lot calmer. But have you considered how the temperature in your home could affect your mood? People don’t realize it, but the temperature has a big role to play in mental wellbeing and if you are suffering from excess stress or lack of motivation, it might be worth adjusting the thermostat. Here’s how the temperature in your home can affect your mood. 

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Studies show that high levels of humidity, coupled with high temperatures, can have a big negative effect on your mood. Although it’s important that you are comfortable in your home, you are more likely to feel lethargic and unmotivated when the temperature and humidity levels are too high. This lack of motivation can feed into mental health issues like depression, making them much worse. If you want to create a better atmosphere at home that is conducive to productivity and positivity, you should consider using an air conditioning unit or dehumidifier to bring the humidity levels down, and turn the thermostat down a few degrees too. You will still be comfortable, but you will notice an increase in your energy levels. 


If you feel angry and frustrated a lot of the time, it could be down to the temperature. Studies show that high temperatures and low temperatures can increase feelings of anger and irritability because you are not comfortable. So, if you want to create a calm environment in the home, experiment with the temperature and find a comfortable middle ground. 

Poor Sleep 

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial if you want to balance your mood, but the wrong temperature can prevent that. If you are too hot or too cold, you will struggle to get to sleep and your quality of sleep will be affected too. On average, the best temperature for sleeping is 65 degrees, but this varies from person to person so tweak the thermostat to find what works for you. 

Creating The Right Temperature-Controlled Environment

There are a few key things you need to do to get the temperature right in your home. Firstly, make sure that your heating system is working efficiently. It’s worth calling out a Water Heater Repair company to check things over and fix any problems. Upgrading your old heating system gives you more control over the temperature, making it easy to create the perfect environment. Installing a smart thermostat also helps with maintaining the right temperature. 

You should also install an air conditioning system if you don’t already have one, so you can stay cool in the summer. Dehumidifiers will control humidity too, so you can avoid lethargy and low mood. 

Most people don’t consider the impact that the temperature in their home can have on their mood, but it makes a big difference. If you follow these steps, you can create the perfect environment and manage your mental health more effectively.

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