Three pickled foods you can easily make at home.

Pickling foods is a great way to preserve them and cut back on waste, and they can liven up a lot of different meals. Fermented pickled foods are also an excellent natural way to improve your digestion. But people often don’t realize just how many different things you can pickle. Most people are familiar with pickled onions or cucumbers, but you can pickle almost any type of fruit or vegetable and lots of other great foods too. If you want to start pickling your own food, these are some of the best things to try. 

Dill Pickles

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Dill pickles might not be the most adventurous thing, but they’re so delicious and incredibly versatile. You can easily pick up a jar from the store, but why not make your own because it’s so easy? All you need to do is get some cucumbers (Persian cucumbers are best if you want a nice crunch) and make a simple brine with equal parts cider vinegar and water, with some salt added. Dill seeds are the main flavoring but you can add anything you like, so experiment a bit. Garlic cloves and some red pepper flakes work particularly well. You can eat them right away but they get better with age, so try to wait at least 2 days if you can. Once you have your pickles, they are perfect for snacking, adding to sandwiches, or putting on burgers at your next BBQ cookout. If you have never pickled anything before, it’s best to start with the classics before branching out. 

Preserved Lemons

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Pickled lemons are very common in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking, and they’re so delicious. The problem is, you have to go to specialty stores to find them most of the time and they can be quite expensive. However, you can use this preserved lemons recipe to make your own at home. Start by cleaning and slicing the lemons, then mixing them with some kosher salt and sugar. After refrigerating for a day, they can be put into jars with lemon juice and your choice of flavorings. You’ll have to be patient with these ones because they need around a month before they are ready, but it’s worth the wait. 


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Avocados are everywhere right now, but they’re always prepared in the same way. They’re either mashed or sliced and added to dishes, which is great, but you could be doing so much more. They’re great for pickling and you can use them in the exact same way as you would a normal avocado. This is great for those times when you buy rock hard avocados or you have some that are starting to go too soft. You can use this simple recipe, which is very similar to the process of making dill pickles. Simply make a brine with vinegar, water, salt, and sugar, and then add your flavorings and avocados. They’ll be ready to eat after 3 hours. 

Pickling foods is such a great way to take simple fruits and vegetables and turn them into something special. These are all great ones to start with but the possibilities are endless, so once you learn the process, don’t be afraid to get creative.

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