Tips to improve your health post lockdown

Tips to Improve Your Health Post Lockdown 

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Lockdown has impacted everyone differently. Some have been able to use this time to be productive, work on themselves and learn new things. Others have taken more of a hit and have found themselves anxious, fatigued, stressed, struggling, lonely, and not sleeping well.

If you are in the latter bracket, it is important to start implementing some small, sustainable habits into your day to try and win back a routine and improve your health. 

This post will look at some of the important steps you can take, post lockdown, to help improve your health and quality of life. 

#1 Establish a new routine 

We thrive with routines, and they can be a great way to improve stress levels and mental health. This is because, with a routine, you make a commitment and stick to it. Over time, this small promise helps you to build resilience. A good routine helps you to stay organized, stay on track and use your time more effectively. 

Start small and introduce one activity at a time. Stick with it for a few weeks until it becomes easier to do, then you can start to build more into it. This routine can be any time of day, the most common kind of routines are morning ones, to start the day on a good note, or evening ones, to promote better sleep. 

#2 Get active 

Whether you like to walk, cycle, go to the gym or take part in a team sport, you must start to include movement into your day. As with tip number one, start small, perhaps 10 minutes per day, and slowly build it up. Exercise not only helps you to control your weight, but it also reduces your risk of diseases, improves your mood, increases concentration, and many other benefits, both mentally and physically, that makes it worthwhile. 

#3 Establish boundaries 

Lockdown has given everyone a real chance to reflect on their life. Whether it is the things they like doing, the things they don’t, or even the things they want to do in life. Many people have made some huge, life-changing decisions during the pandemic, as we have been taken out of our normal day-to-day life and allowed time to reflect. Get clear on your boundaries and as you start to go back to normal life, you can implement them straight away. They may be uncomfortable at first, but stick to them and give them time.

#4 Get a health checkup

The pandemic has left many appointments canceled or delayed, which means many people have missed out on speaking to a health professional and getting any symptoms diagnosed. Whether you have a new or ongoing issue or nothing at all, it is important to get a check-up to just check everything is okay. In a normal year, you would have anyway, so why would you not prioritize it now? Head to Mayfair Family Dentistry, your local doctors, opticians, and chiropractor, and make sure you are in good health. 

As you ease your way back into normal life, don’t neglect your health. Looking after your health comes in many formats, including setting boundaries, exercising and seeing a professional.

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