How your home effects your physical and mental well being

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Those who practice meditation, yoga and other disciplines, like kundalini, slowly become aware that the environment around them can affect them over time, and so it’s a great idea to find some kind of balance in that. This is why monks who spend time in zen temples tend to keep very sparse and minimally decorative surroundings, so there is as little extraneous ‘property’ around them to cause a distraction.

Of course, that’s not how we tend to live in our modern day western lives, and you won’t see us ever asking you to decorate your home in a certain way or to feel bad about what kind of home you have curated. What can be important to think of, however, is how our homes might be affecting our physical and mental wellbeing. It could be, for instance, that some properly aligned lighting in our bathroom can help us feel a little less drowsy in their each morning, while tidying up the paperwork around our office may help us feel a little less distracted.

Our homes affect our physical and mental wellbeing from time to time – here’s how to make that a positive influence:

Lighting Influence

We don’t think of lighting as having an effect on our lives, but it really does. Making the most of the natural lighting in your space, for instance, can prevent it from feeling drab, but it may also help you invite the outside in. You can maximize the natural light with a well-placed mirror, lighter color tones as part of your home decoration, and of course, warm lighting places where necessary (such as a floor lamp in the corner of the room). Having the brightest room possible isn’t the goal, but curating a space that feels appropriately illuminated is.

Deep Cleaning

Proper cleaning, such as the cleaning provided by Chem-Dry, is a great justification for feeling at peace in your space. When you have a yearly organizational effort, or do so before the turn in the season, you feel so much more in control of your home and what you have stored there. It also allows you to feel connected and as if your space is working for you rather than an unkempt representation of a disorganized headspace. Even something as simple as having your kitchen utilities placed in an organized fashion can help you feel as though cooking is much more enjoyable. Deep cleaning is the beginning of that process.

Decorations & Their Impact

It’s good to have decorations, but make sure that they speak to you. It can be healthy to fill your home with goods that you enjoy rather than thinking your home has to look like an IKEA showroom. For instance, pictures of your family, images of places that help you feel powerful and at peace, comforting color tones that match, and simple, beautiful decorations that showcase culture, like a bonsai tree you can cultivate, a portable zen garden, or candle holders with character – all of this can help you express your personality while feeling that your home is a natural extension of you.

With this advice, we hope you can see how your home affects your physical and mental wellbeing in the best manner possible.

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