Three common reasons you hate your smile and how to fix them

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No matter how many people tell you they love your smile, you can’t help but hate it. For whatever reason, you just don’t enjoy the way your teeth look when you flash a grin. There are all sorts of reasons for this, and today’s post will look at some of the most common reasons people have smile anxiety. You’ll easily be able to identify which one applies to you, along with some tips on how to fix the issue:

Stained teeth

Do you have teeth that just aren’t as white as you’d like? Regardless of how straight they are, when your teeth are stained they fill you with self-conscious feelings. You’re too anxious to smile as you hate how yellow your teeth look in photos. 

Thankfully, the solution to this problem is the easiest out there; whiten your teeth! There are plenty of teeth whitening solutions to choose from, but your best bet is to see a dentist and get them whitened professionally. 

Misshapen teeth

Have you noticed that one of your teeth is a strange shape compared to the others? Perhaps it is too small – which is very common – making the teeth around it look too big. Often, you can think that one of your teeth is sticking out too much, but it’s really because the tooth next to it is too small or misshapen. Again, it makes you feel very anxious whenever you smile. 

Once more, you can get treatment for this from a dentist. Restorations are available, and as shown on the Wahroonga Family Dental Centre website, you can get restorations in just a few hours. Basically, this means that your teeth are shaped to a more normal size and shape for your mouth. You might only need one restoration, or you’ll need multiple. There are all sorts of techniques your dentist can use to do this, including composite build-ups and veneers. 

Crooked teeth

Another highly common reason you hate your smile is that your teeth are crooked. Everything is just completely out of whack, and you really hate smiling. Whenever you open your mouth, you can’t love what you see because the crookedness makes you feel so self-conscious. 

This problem affects so many people, and there are two obvious solutions. Firstly, you could get braces from an orthodontist that pull your teeth into the right positions over time. Secondly, you could opt for something like Invisalign, which is an alternative to traditional braces. Here, you wear special aligners that do the same thing and re-align your teeth. It’s an expensive treatment option, but the benefit is that you straighten your smile more subtly.

So, which one of these three causes is the reason for your smile anxiety? Or, do you have a combination of the three? Work out what makes you feel anxious about your smile, then get the right treatment for it. Sometimes, all it takes is a spot of teeth whitening to restore your confidence and leave you smiling all day long. Even if you need more treatment, it’s worth it as you will feel so confident after!

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