Why keeping your windows and doors clean leads to clarity within your life.

Windows and doors are a key part of feng shui because they allow energy to flow in and out. If you have dirty windows, it can make being at home feel difficult or like you do not have clarity. For those around you, the perception may not be clear enough.

A clean window provides people with an opportunity see clearer than before by allowing light from outside to enter through. Feng Shui refers to windows as the eyes of the house. Functionally like doors, these vital openings offer views of the outside world just the way they allow the Chi to pass through. Feng Shui emphasizes on balance of elements and an arrangement which allows a free flow of the energies around the windows. Dirty windows lead to blurry perceptions of the world or not being able to see the world clearly. They are also a key to letting out bad energy and letting in good energy.

Windows cracking or worn down? Grab new vinyl windows before winter.

I prefer to do cleansing on the waning moon – I feel the energy is perfect for a good house cleanse and I want to share with you a few of my favorite tips.

  1. Peppermint or Rosemary essential oil mixed with lemon and water. You can splash in the corners of your home but also wipe down the doors to spruce them up with some extra energy. (Also hanging rosemary or lavender above the door entrance.)
  2. Good ol’ vinegar to wipe away the old and create a shiny new light within your windows.
  3. Sage – I have been using a cedar lately for winter that I am obsessed with.

If you’re feeling foggy or like you need clarity within your life, purpose or passion try these simple tips and see what comes to you. As always listen to your intuition.

With love & gratitude,

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