Take those first steps back to self care

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One of the most fundamental softening principles of Yoga is that of empathy, of being able to understand the other as we understand ourselves. For this reason, we find it exceedingly easy to understand the plight of those who have suffered and potentially lost so much over the last two years. It’s not easy to quantify this, and it may be that some people have to process how intensive these years have been for a while into the future.

That said, it’s important to assert and affirm that you are absolutely worth the self-care effort, and the ability to be cared for. It’s absolutely understandable that some people may have taken less effort towards caring for themselves during this time, and that should never be met with hostility, judgment, or being overly critical of oneself. What matters is slowly coming back to caring for ourselves, to treat ourselves as someone worth helping, and to perhaps use techniques like yoga to reconnect with ourselves and our bodies in that light.

In this post, then, we’ll discuss how you can take those first steps back into self-care in a way that means something to you, rather than forcing yourself to fit a standard you aren’t ready for. With that in mind, please consider:

Getting Outside Each Day

It’s important to get outside each day, to the degree that you’re able to do this. One of the first signs of feeling morose and dysfunctional is an unwillingness to go outside and to be part of the world. Don’t isolate yourself, reach out to others if you’re struggling. You’d be amazed at how much they’d just love to have you around.

Reasserting A Sleep Schedule

Sleep is an essential measure when it comes to managing our mood, our energy levels, and our self-care. Without it, we can find ourselves fluctuating rapidly in terms of how we feel and our daily motivation, and that is just never healthy. Taking some time for yourself and making sure you go to bed at the same time and wake up each morning like clockwork can help you get the most from your rested REM sleep. Working on sleep hygiene, such as a clean bedspread, earplugs to help against noise, and ventilating the space can also work wonders in the long term.

Head To Medical Appointments

It’s important to visit your clinician, to visit your local dentist, and to make sure you keep up on these appointments as and when required. During those times when we felt rough, it can be easy to put off going to appointments that you may really need, because the reality of facing them can be quite harsh to deal with. But don’t beat yourself up, just take a step back and think about what good it can do you, and then head there. This can help you break through the cobwebs a little bit, aid your bodily help, and perhaps refer you to further support you may need.

With this advice, we believe you will be able to take those first steps back to self-care once more.

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