Womb Healing

The whole Creation is there. A Creation keeps going on in you. You don’t need another Creation.”

The first symptoms of disconnection from our wombs shows up in our monthly cycles. Many women go through life with painful periods, PMS, reproductive challenges and difficulties with their intimacy and relationships thinking that it’s normal and part of the feminine experience. Another telltale sign of disconnection with the womb is anxiety.

Womb chakra is beyond all other chakras– Highest holiest energy place in the body, not the second chakra (all though the sacral is connected to our womb). The womb chakra is a divine creation point within us, a connection to the Divine Mother, and a resting place of our soul energy.

Spoiler alert – Both Men And Women Have A Womb Chakra
Females have the womb chakra in their body, in the womb, but males still have that energy fragrance. This masculine and feminine energy – no matter what you’r sex is you still carry both energies within you. Men connect it through their mother’s womb.

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When It Is Purified You Not Only Receive The Personal Benefits Of
• Heal broken heartedness
• Help build union energy in relationships
• Heal the effects of negative relationships and attractions
• Heal from womb confusion of many partners
• Heal from sexual harassment
• Heal some types of chronic illnesses
• Help parents to create the highest divine energies for their child during
conception and pregnancy
• Pull the Divine Feminine energy to charge your soul
• Change the energy of the desires (Kama) in a positive way

Through the purified womb chakra, we can connect to the Divine Feminine energy that created all things.
You can connect to Divine Mother’s womb—the great void—oneness of all things before manifestation.
Once connected, we can pull that energy into our souls for healing in our lives, families and communities.

Now, how do we tap into this divine wisdom? How do we begin healing our womb chakra?

Womb Chakra carries your essence, your soul home, and the imprint of your karmas.

Healers attribute our separation from our wombs with conditioning beginning in our childhood, continuing into our pubescent and throughout our adult years as women. We grow up being bombarded with negative beliefs of what it is to be a woman, ranging from how our bodies should look to how we ought to behave as “good girls”. 

“We live in a world that doesn’t honor the feminine. If you look at all the things that women experience, such as period pains, and reproductive and relationship issues, it’s easy to see that there are so many things that go awry. We have the notion that the female body is a pathology we can’t figure out and we don’t know what’s ‘wrong’ with it. Rather than thinking of ways we can control it, we should begin to think of the female body as perfect, intact and asking why we’re out of sync with ourselves.”

You can begin with at home womb massage, warm baths rubbing over your womb and feeling the connection, keeping your feet warm (wearing house slippers or socks), meditation for release and yoni steaming.

If you feel called to tap into this divine wisdom you hold and clear space, heal and connect back to your womb please feel free to schedule an appointment.

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