How to focus on your family health

Your family’s health is an ever changing, complicated thing. It can be hard to keep track of, especially if you’re part of a large family, and definitely if you’ve got a health issue of your own! However, if you’re keen to focus more on your family’s overall wellbeing this year, we’ve got some tips below to make it easier for you, no matter the circumstances. 

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Start with Eating Habits

Eating habits are usually the first thing to go out of the window, but they’re also the easiest to rectify as well. Even the fussiest of toddlers grow out of that phase, and if any adults in your life refuse to eat their greens, it’s time for them to grow up too! Start cooking more vegetables into meals – cut them small to hide them amongst the other ingredients/sauce – and always make liberal use of spices to add heaps more flavor. 

Check in with Your Parents

Your parents took care of you for a very long time, and as adults, we can sometimes forget to return the favor. However, if you make an effort to check in with them at least once a week, you’ll feel a lot closer to them as you grow apart. For example, if one of your parents needs dementia care right now, this is an easy and enriching way to keep up with their health, even if you’ve got bigger responsibilities on your plate. We all lead our own lives but we can touch base every so often too. 

Make Family Outings Simple to Plan

How often do you go out as a family right now? Probably not much – it’s hard to arrange time for everyone, right? Well, to make family outings more simple to plan, just make them a normal part of your weekly schedule. Don’t skip a week, and make sure this time comes first. So head out on weekends as a family, or take Tuesday evenings to go down the park or out for dinner. The more you spend time as a family, the more you’ll be in touch with each other, and you’ll start appreciating your loved ones for who they really are. 

10 Minutes of Physical Activity Everyday

Finally, if you want to really focus on your wellness, it’s best to set a physical example! And seeing as you probably don’t have much time for exercise, all you need here is 10 minutes. Get the kids up, get your partner or parents involved, and put on some music. Whether you do a little jig together, or head outside to play a game, or simply chase each other round the house, it doesn’t matter! Just make sure you’ve moving, and that it happens every day. 

Focusing on your family health can feel impossible, but all it really takes is a few daily tweaks. Set up some new habits, and make sure you’re always checking in with your loved ones. A little bit of talking goes a long way!

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