3 common reasons for your toothache

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Toothache is a pain…literally.

It hurts when you chew, it hurts when you drink, and it hurts when you’re lying in bed doing nothing. Why do you have a toothache, and what can be done to deal with this issue? 

Well, lots of things can cause toothache, but here are three of the most common reasons you may be experiencing it all the time: 

Tooth decay

Probably the most common reason for toothache is tooth decay. What is this, and is it as gruesome as it sounds? Basically, if you don’t look after your teeth, bacteria can form on them. When this bacteria hardens, it becomes plaque, which basically eats away at the tooth. There’s a good chance you suffer from tooth decay if your toothache has got progressively worse and you notice there’s a black hole or mark in the tooth. Treating this is possible – you will need to see a dentist, to have the decay removed and the tooth filled in. After this, focus on preventing any other teeth from decaying. As it shows on the Morris Dental Associates website, you can get deep dental cleaning from a dentist to remove any bacteria or plaque that starts to harden. As a result, you stop tooth decay in its tracks!

Teeth grinding

Grinding your teeth is another obvious reason for a toothache. As strong as your teeth are, they will wear down if you constantly grind them. This means that you grind down into the more sensitive layers of the tooth. Therefore, you start feeling sensitivity and pain. You’ll have a pretty good idea if this is your problem if your teeth hurt more when you grind them. Also, drinking or eating certain things might cause extra pain, which is down to sensitivity caused by grinding away the protective layer of your tooth. Again, visiting a dentist will help you get the right treatment for this problem. 

Wisdom teeth

Finally, your toothache might not be something to worry about at all. Wisdom teeth are the final teeth to erupt, and they start coming through in your teens – and you might not get all of them until your twenties. They exist right at the back of your mouth, and you can experience pain and tenderness as they come through. You’ll know if this is your issue as you can see and feel the wisdom teeth trying to burst through the gums. A lot of the time, you just deal with this pain until the teeth are there. However, some wisdom teeth have complications that cause extreme pain. If this is the case, you need to have them extracted. 

These three things commonly cause chronic toothache. The keyword is chronic as this means you feel the pain regularly. If your tooth hurts for a day and then gets better, it was likely nothing. Obviously, if you chip your tooth or bang it against something, it will probably ache. But, it’s fairly clear what caused your toothache in these scenarios! The causes above are for those situations when your tooth has been hurting for a while, but you have no idea why.

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