Making self care more of a priority

Self care is something we all need to practice. You need a break every now and then, and to get some rest and eat well on a regular basis. But the main barrier preventing us from properly taking care of ourselves is just how hard it can be to take that kind of break! Maybe you can take a luxuriant and relaxing bath here and there, but you’ve got no time to meditate for hours on end! 

Which is why we need to make the act of self care more convenient. If you can cut out the middleman and make self care more approachable, you’ve already fought half the battle! As such, here are some great ways to bring the care to you and make sure you can keep up with it. 

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Focus on Different Health Aspects on Different Days

You won’t need to follow the same self care plan every single day. Some days you may need to go the whole hog and apply every kind of lotion, take a long and restful nap, and exercise for an hour in the evening. Some other days, however, you may just need that nap! 

You’ve already been on your feet all day – that’s exercise enough! Pick and choose your self care routines according to what you’ve already done, and don’t beat yourself up for missing out; it does more harm than good. 

Bring Health Aids to You

If you’ve got a connection to the internet, you can make any essential health aids come to you. That makes it a lot easier to keep up with your self care needs; you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home, and you certainly don’t need to spend time racing your way around town. It’s stress free, relatively pain free, and all you need to know are the sites to visit. 

So, if you need prescription glasses order online, or if you have to use testing kits for conditions like diabetes, you can head to online pharmacies and order direct to your house as well. Telemedicine has come a long way in the past few years, and it’s been one of the most convenient upgrades of all! 

No Time to Go Outside? Just Get Some Sun

Getting out to catch the sun and fresh air is essential to a healthy life. But if you’ve only got a 10 minute break, you’re not going to have enough time to go for a walk around the block! So, what can you do instead? 

Open a window and lift up the blinds. Sit next to it for around 10 or so minutes as you work, or with a podcast on in the background and enjoy the weather as you are. You don’t need to get outside to soak up these rays, and you certainly have far less chance of getting sunburnt when you’re indoors! 

Remember: if self care is often too inconvenient for you, just make it easier in little ways.

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