Protect your home with these tips

One of the most pressing challenges that many face daily is keeping our homes safe and secure from intruders. Even though this is one of the most pressing challenges we face, we tend to ignore it or bury our heads in the sand when thinking about it. You do not need to go crazy and put CCTV cameras all around your home and property, but there are some fundamental adjustments that you can make to the daily routine that will give you the confidence that you have done everything in your power to avoid a break-in.


Make sure the locks on the doors are updated.

We normally pay little attention to who might have a set of keys when we move into it since we are so preoccupied with getting settled in. It is possible that the former homeowners or tenants still have a copy, and it is also possible that they have distributed copies to other people in the community, including neighbours, family members, and friends. One of the first things you should do after moving into a new house is to change the locks, preferably to a Mul T Lock deadbolt. This should be done as soon as possible after the transfer. In an ideal case, you should execute this method every time you lose a set of keys or every couple of years merely to verify that there is no outside entrance into your home. If you do not perform this operation, there is a possibility that an unauthorised person could enter your home. It can look like you are overreacting, but if you follow through with what you have decided to do, it will help keep you safe in the future.

Take note of the doors and windows in the room.

Intruders typically enter a home or apartment through one of the windows or doors, as these are the most accessible entrance points. If you do not have window locks, you should look into purchasing some so that you can leave the house knowing that your windows are locked and safe, day or night. If you have noticed that your windows and doors do not close as neatly and quickly as you would want, or if you can enter your home with a simple push, it is time for you to consider having your windows and doors changed (which is convenient if you are locked out, but not so convenient if other people can get in).

Home security systems

A home security monitoring system can provide peace of mind even when you are not around to watch over things at your house. Your home is under constant surveillance, and if the alarm is triggered by anything, you will be told of it. If the alarm is triggered by someone not authorised to be in your home, the proper emergency services will be notified instead.

Attempt to stay clear of falling into a routine as much as possible.

You can never be sure who is keeping an eye on you at any given time, which is an idea that can be unsettling to entertain. The vast majority of burglaries are committed under the assumption that the target is not at home; yet, it is difficult to ascertain whether or not the target is absent. Certain thieves will keep a close eye on your house and keep track of the times you leave and return to the property to piece together a picture of your daily routine with or without your knowledge. Job schedules and other obligations like taking children to school and going shopping make it tough to do this, but if possible, invite a neighbour or a friend to drop by at odd moments to help break up the monotony. This will help.

There is no way to remove the chance of someone breaking into your home totally, but there are measures you may take to lessen the likelihood that this will occur.

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