Practical ways to embrace an abundance mindset

If you are looking for more abundance in your life, embracing a positive mindset is crucial to your success. Read on to find out more. 

Harness the power of mantras 

One of the most effective, and easy ways to manifest more abundance in your life is to use the power of mantras. Mantras are affirmations that you can repeat to yourself that will help you achieve a more positive mindset around money. Indeed, even when there is resistance to your mantra practice it can be very useful as it will show you where your negative ideas about money lie. 

To start, think about what your ideal situation would be when it comes to money. Write down what you would like to be able to do if money wasn’t a problem and then use this as a basis for writing your affirmations. 

Remember to write your affirmations in the present tense. For example, instead of writing:  

I want to have enough money to buy a new house 


I am grateful to have enough money to buy a new house

This is far more powerful and will help to release any spiritual or emotional blocks you may have that are preventing you from receiving abundance. 

Understand the metaphysics behind manifesting money 

Another way that you can better develop an abundance mindset is to take the time to understand how manifestation works concerning money. Of course, this is a detailed and complex topic, and there are many different resources out there to choose from. 

Although, our metaphysics of money course is both detailed and yet simple to understand, and will provide you with all the information you need, as well as more techniques to begin your abundance manifestation journey.  

Bring mindfulness to your spending 

You can also do much to encourage abundance in a practical way by being mindful with your spending and financial decisions. This means carefully considering whether you need something before making a purchase, budgeting, and even making sure you get the best deal on loans and credit cards. 

You can even use services like compare credit that are totally free to analyze, compare and then save money on your next credit card. A practical way of bringing abundance into your life indeed! 

Embrace the power of visualization 

Visualizing what an abundant life will look like for you is also a very powerful tool for manifesting money. Of course, you are free to let your imagination and creativity run wild, and come up with a good representation of your dream life. 

Although, on tough days it can be hard to hold on to those mental images, no matter how imaginative we are. That is why it’s much better to create a physical or online vision board. Then you can keep coming back to it to ground yourself, and once you are recentered you will be able to continue to move forward to your abundance goals, no matter how hard a day you are having.

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