Show your personality – 5 tips to find your signature style with jewelry

Since you probably don’t have unlimited funds to stock your jewelry case, you need to find ways to make each piece work again and again. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do that without spending a fortune or compromising quality. The trick is finding pieces that are as much about you as the jewelry. In this blog post, we’ll show you how by showing you how to find your personality when it comes to fashion. And moving beyond just “like” or “dislike” concerning your personal style. 

Follow our tips and tricks for discovering your personal style. And the world of affordable accessories will open up in front of you. 

Image by Monstera via Pexels

Go For Quality

One way to make any piece of jewelry stand out is to make sure it’s good quality. Quality doesn’t just mean “precious” but also durable and functional. Depending on the type of jewelry, you can expect to wear your pieces for years and years. And if it’s still in good condition, you can keep it in your jewelry box for your granddaughters to wear some day. A good quality bracelet or pendant is usually worth the investment and will last for years. So, if you have difficulty deciding on a piece because you’re unsure if it would hold up to daily wear, go for something known for its quality.

Know Your Colors

Choose jewelry that matches your skin tone or is close to it. If you’re unsure what your skin tone is, do a quick online quiz or look in the mirror. First, find a place on your face that’s relatively flat and has no shadows, such as your forehead or cheekbones. Next, look at your skin in that spot without moving your head. You don’t want to look directly into a light source because that will distort the color. Your skin should appear as a color, not a brightness. And while you may think that you can just pick any old jewelry and expect it to look good, that’s not true. 

Stay Away From Fads And Trends

What’s trendy now won’t be trendy in 10 years. So don’t choose pieces that are primarily accessories or fads. If you pick something trendy, you’ll have to replace it in a few years. Instead, select pieces that have a classic feel to them. You can rely on these pieces year-round and even decade-to-decade if you take care of them. For example, a simple silver chain necklace or a pair of hoop earrings in the same metal will last for decades if you look after them.

Buy The Pieces You Love (And Know Why)

Buying jewelry is a great way to spice up your outfits and make yourself feel beautiful. Whether purchasing a piece as a gift for someone else or as a treat, it’s important to ensure you’re really getting what you want. If you buy a piece simply because it’s cheap, you won’t love it. And it won’t last long enough to make it worth the money. Jewelry is a great way to add personality to your look. And can be a special reminder or token of your love.

Look For Mix-and-Match Pieces

Mixing and matching jewelry is a great way to ensure you get the most out of every piece you own. And can help you experiment with new styles and looks. The key here is to find pieces that go well together. So you can mix and match but still look polished and put together. If you’re unsure what goes together, the best way to find out is by looking at jewelry Pinterest boards. You can even create your own boards with your favorite pieces to inspire your own outfits and looks with your jewelry. Then, once you’ve got some ideas, you can use them to see if your own pieces can be mixed and matched.

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