4 tips for when you have a new baby

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Congratulations – you have a new baby in your life; now it’s time to adapt to your new lifestyle and invest in a quality baby monitor. In this article, we take a look at some of the best approaches to having a new baby in your home, including valuable self-care time and flexibility. 

Self Care 

Now that you have delivered your baby and brought them home, it’s time to look after them, but don’t ignore your own needs either. Too many mothers burn out and end up back in the hospital; since they spend too much time thinking about other people and over-committing themselves.  

Don’t be one of them; you need to find a balance between looking after your baby, your loved ones, and yourself. If you feel that you don’t have enough self-care time, you can ask your partner to take the reins for a while and visit the local pool for a swim or take a nature walk. 

Guest Rules 

When you arrive home with your new baby, the rest of the family is likely to be there, or they will arrive at different times to meet the newest family member and to check on your health and wellbeing. While these visits are well meant, they can be harmful to you if you don’t set rules.  

One idea might be to set up a WhatsApp group for the new baby and use it to organize suitable times for your friends and relatives to come and visit you. In the group, you can also set some ground rules, things like washing your hands before handling the baby and any gifting rules.   

Baby Monitor 

One of the essential pieces of equipment you will need when you bring home a new baby is a baby monitor. Baby monitors have a camera that shows your baby while they are asleep; at the same time, you can program it to play music or create soft lighting for the baby to fall asleep. 

A quality smart baby monitor is an indispensable piece of equipment that will make your life much easier in the early days; it takes the stress out of putting your baby down for the night and ensures they are safe while they are asleep. A quality baby monitor can be hard to find at times. 

Stay Flexible 

Little babies are not machines, they have patterns like crying, eating, and sleeping, but there are a lot of unpredictable elements as well. There’s no point in making a fixed schedule for your baby; you only need to stay around them as much as possible and stay as flexible as you can. 

What you learn in the early days of being a parent is that you have to prepare for the unexpected, so make sure you pack everything you think you will need when you head out with your newborn. In a short time, you will learn to be super flexible and efficient with your lifestyle. 

Use Mindfulness 

There’s no doubt about it; being a new parent is a stressful occupation, and you need some tools to support you along the way. One of the best tools for this is mindfulness which you can practice right now by bringing your attention to the breath and sitting with your body sensations.

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