Baby Checklist: What to Prepare…

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Are you planning on having a little one? This is a big commitment, as we all know. When you have a baby, you bring a living, feeling being into this world who is entirely dependent on you for their wellbeing. You’re going to have to make sure that you take this decision seriously and prepare fully. Here are some considerations that you may want to form into a checklist, helping you to prepare for your little one’s eventual arrival.


If you are having a baby with a partner, it’s important that you have a few discussions about the more important and serious elements of having a baby. What will your parenting style be? What will you do if something goes wrong and your child needs more care, for example, situations that could result in using a birth injury attorney? What will you do in regards to work and childcare? Will you need to move to a new home to better accommodate your little one? The list goes on, but you do need to make sure that you see eye to eye, or are able to compromise, on the big things.


Have you created a nursery for your little one yet? This space can house your baby and many of their belongings. This may require its own, separate checklist. But some quick considerations should include a moses basket or crib, bedding, changing tables, storage options, toys, lighting, colour scheme and more.


How are you going to feed your baby? Breastfeeding and bottle feeding are both appropriate options. Make sure you have the right tools for each. These could range from nipple balm to milk expressers, bottles, formula, sterilisers and more. You may also want burping cloths, nursing covers and other additional investments that can make things a little easier or more comfortable for you.

Nappy Kit

Nappies are going to become a regular part of your day. You may need a few things to complete changes quickly, cleanly and successfully. From nappies themselves to nappy cream, wipes, changing stations, cotton wool, washcloths, nappy bins and more.


Babies get through a lot of clothes. Whether they are sick on them, nappies overflow or any other issues, you’re likely to find yourself changing your baby a few times a day. Make sure they have plenty of baby grows and bibs for their first few weeks and months.


You don’t have to name your baby immediately as they are born, but you will need to make a decision pretty quickly once they arrive. This is why it’s a good idea to come up with a list of potential names that you and your partner can agree on. You might settle on one before the baby is born, or you might try a few and settle on a definite option once you’ve seen them. Look into popularity, different meanings, cultural connotations and more to make sure you choose something appropriate!

These are just a few considerations to get you started. There are, of course, many more. Add them to your baby check list and see how you get on!

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