Outdoor Activities to Bond with Your Kids

Outdoors Activities To Bond With The Kids 

Outdoors Activities To Bond With The Kids 

Spending quality time with your kids is becoming a luxury. More and more parents and children spend time apart than together. Whether it is because of work, school work, or simply because you have other plans, it can be tough to share activities with the kids. However, it is important to make time for each other and build a stronger bond. 

As the weather is getting a little milder, now is the best time to plan an afternoon outside, even if it is only in the backyard. This can help create new memories together and teach them to let go of stress. Do I really need to play with my kids when I’ve already got so much to do? The short answer is yes. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, playing is essential to the development of children, teaching them valuable physical, social, and emotional lessons. So, make this an opportunity to organize a fun and pleasant playdate outdoors for you and the kids. 

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Relaxing and playing together

Can’t children play alone? Of course, they can play by themselves. However, when you join children’s playtime, you can encourage long-term benefits, socially, mentally, and physically. 

Indeed, playing with a parent can help children to develop a deeper understanding of social boundaries and social settings. Parents show them the appropriate way to socialize and engage in games and other activities. In other words, if you find that kids can be rough when playing games, this is probably because they’ve never been able to play with a parent. Therefore, they’ve been missing essential social cues

Additionally, you can also introduce activities that can promote relaxation. Not everything you do with kids has to be highly energetic and loud. Kids will also bond with their parents through relaxing and calming activities. In fact, it can even be a great way to show them how to have quiet fun too!

Spending time in nature

There is no denying that Mother Nature is the greatest gift of all. Spending time outdoors is essential for your well-being. However, come the winter months, the outdoor fun can become too uncomfortable. It is too cold, and the days are way too short to indulge in a fun play date in the backyard. 

But with only one month ahead of spring, the weather has become much more enjoyable. The temperatures are pleasant. So, it is fun again to spend time in the garden. Additionally, as days are growing longer again, you have more time to plan outdoor activities together. 

Being outdoors can bring a lot of benefits for children and adults. For a start, you can soak up plenty of the direct sun, which is instrumental for vitamin D production. Besides, spending time in nature is relaxing and can significantly release stress. 

Top activities to relax outdoors

There are many fun activities you can do outdoors with your kids. And the best thing about it is that you don’t need to prepare much. For instance, you could encourage them to pick up their favorite books. Lounging in the sun while reading a book can be a lot of fun. And you can talk to each other about your individual book. Reading is one of those things that can be shared even if you are reading different books. 

You could also teach them how to meditate. You can prepare a simple meditation flow to try out in the garden together, mixing up yoga movements and breathing practices. This can be a great way to engage together and learn to relax. 

But if they prefer something more active, you could consider gardening and preparing the garden for spring together. This combines quality time together and something practical too!

Not your cup of tea? How about a ball game in the backyard together? They will love it too!

A well-deserved snack

No outdoor play is complete without a yummy snack to end the day. You could surprise them with a yummy Roy Rogers mocktail and some freshly baked cookies. You can learn what is a Roy Rogers drink at Britneybreaksbread.com. It is essentially a fun mocktail, perfect for both kids and adults. Served with ice cubes, it’s the perfect refreshing drink after spending an afternoon in the sun. 

The Roy Rogers is a sweet drink with a red hint, using grenadine and cherries for decoration. So, it pairs beautifully with candied cherries cookies or even simple cupcakes topped with whipped cream and fruit. Bear in mind that it can be high in sugar, so it probably isn’t the best drink for everyday consumption. But as a treat, it will put a smile on everybody’s face!

Are you ready to plan an afternoon out with the kids? There’s no need to go far to have quality time in the sun together!

Outdoors Activities To Bond With The Kids

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