Signs you should upgrade your TV

We’re living in a digital and technological revolution right now and the TVs that we get in the stores are bigger and more comprehensive than they ever have been before. The biggest TVs out there feel like movie theater screens and that makes us feel fancy when we’re equipping the movie theater rooms in the home! The TVs today can be bought in all sizes and with so many great options, where do you start?

Upgrading your TV to one with the best audio video on the market is a big choice and you have a lot of options to consider. A question you might ask yourself is how often you should be upgrading your TV, and it may make you realize that you’re ready for a new model after reading this article. A TV should last you for a couple of decades but that doesn’t mean that you won’t want to upgrade before then. So, what are the signs? 

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  1. You can’t get the smart stuff. Are you able to stream what you want on your current model? If not, then it could be a good sign that you should upgrade. Older models often come without HDTV ports, and extra wiring options and you might choose now to be the time you upgrade. Usually around 5-7 years after the initial purchase is a good time to swp because technology tends to breeze forward even when you’re not ready for it. 
  2. The picture sucks. You deserve to be able to see every sharp detail of your television screen and no one should be accepting sub-par pictures if possible. You should shop for a new television when your screen is having huge issues or it’s starting to look like it’s burned in. Keep an eye on your picture so you can tell whether now is a good time for replacement.
  3. It takes too long to turn on now. Your TV shouldn’t keep you waiting when you switch it on, so if you are finding that your current television is effectively loading up every time you press the on button, then you need to consider a new model. New models are able to power up in so much less time, and you need to have a TV that works when you want it to work and not when it decides to. If it’s taking longer and longer to power up, then there’s a chance that it’s dying and it does need replacement.
  4. It’s just too small. The best reason to upgrade really, is that your TV is too small. If you have a large living room, you often want a large enough TV to balance it out. The best thing that you can do in this case is to replace it entirely and make sure that it balances the rest of the room. If your living space feels too big for a TV, then saving up for a bigger model just makes more sense.

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