Meet Your Shadow.

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  • Have you ever been emotionally triggered by someone’s words or actions, leading you to respond in a manner that later caused you embarrassment and regret?
  • Have you found yourself harboring a particularly negative thought about someone, only to feel a sense of relief knowing that it was just a fleeting mental impulse?
  • Do you recall any instances where you gossiped about an individual you actually envied, deep down?

If any or all of these scenarios resonate with you, take heart – you have encountered your shadow self. In this article, we’ll delve into the nature of the shadow self, its challenges and gifts, and how understanding and integrating this aspect of our psyche can contribute to spiritual growth.

Bask in the mystical glow of the Super Blue Moon as it illuminates the watery realm of Pisces. This celestial moment encourages you to tap into your inner magic, empowering your wild side while being anchored by the grounding influence of Virgo energy. Amid Mercury’s retrograde and the cosmic synchronicity of six other planets, you may have sensed an upsurge of powerful energy this week. Now, the universe beckons your soul to return to its spiritual roots.


The Pisces influence adds dimensions of intuition, femininity, and transcendence to the Moon’s luminous presence. Symbolizing the expansive ocean – limitless, boundless, and interconnected – this celestial event presents an opportunity for crystal-clear insights, unveiling what (or who) no longer aligns with your future path.

A powerful mantra for this full Moon is “everything changes when I change.”. This phase of the Moon brings forth various endings in our lives, which could be physical, such as the termination of jobs or relationships, or emotional, as it deeply resonates with our feelings. As the Moon enlightens us, we can see these endings as an opportunity for growth and transformation.

Pisces is one of the last signs of the Zodiac, symbolizing completion and endings. This Pisces Full Moon carries potent energy, encouraging us to be introspective and reflective. Both the emotional influence of Pisces and the current retrograde motion of several planets contribute to this contemplative state of mind.

During this period, it’s essential to embrace the changes and use this opportunity to reevaluate our lives, make adjustments, and recognize the need for transformation.

1. Identifying the Shadow Self

The concept of the shadow self can be traced back to the works of Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung. He believed that when we remain unaware of or refuse to accept certain aspects of our own nature, they are repressed and consolidated into our unconscious mind. This often results in behaviors that crop up unexpectedly during moments of stress or confusion.

Some key indicators of the shadow self include:

  • Strong emotional reactions to situations or people.
  • Persistent negative thoughts or feelings about oneself or others.
  • A tendency to engage in gossip or judge others harshly.

It’s important to recognize that the shadow self is not an evil or immoral entity; rather, it is simply a hidden aspect of our own psyche, reflecting repressed thoughts, emotions, and desires.

2. Acknowledging and Integrating Our Shadow

By acknowledging the existence of our shadow self, we take the first step in the process of integration. This means embracing and learning from the various facets of our personality, rather than suppressing or rejecting them.

Consider implementing the following guidelines for integrating your shadow self:

  • Cultivate self-awareness: Pay close attention to your feelings, thoughts, and reactions, and strive for honest self-reflection.
  • Practice self-compassion: Examine your shortcomings with kindness and accept that everyone has areas where they struggle.
  • Seek professional guidance and support when necessary: A licensed therapist or counselor can assist you in identifying, understanding, and addressing your shadow self.

3. The Gifts of the Shadow Self

In spite of its perceived darkness and negativity, your shadow self can unlock spiritual growth and self-discovery. Engaging with it allows you to:

  • Deepen your self-understanding: Accepting all aspects of yourself, including the shadow, leads to a more in-depth and honest understanding of who you truly are.
  • Balance your personality: Embracing the shadow enables you to balance the various aspects of your nature, helping you achieve a sense of inner peace and harmony.
  • Empower personal growth: Recognizing your vulnerabilities and addressing the lessons your shadow self presents, paves the way for personal evolution and spiritual growth.

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