The Seven Stages of Alchemy.

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We hear about alchemy and know its relation to science but what does it mean to truly alchemize in your spirituality?

Calcination – Stage 1.

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Calcination, the initial phase of spiritual alchemy, is commonly referred to as the black stage. This dark hue signifies chaos and the hidden aspects of our lives buried deep within our unconscious. The very essence of Calcination involves the burning until only ashes remain.

Spiritually, Calcination represents the act of breaking free from our material world attachments, such as the lust for status, wealth, and the urge to solidify our identity. It is not to say these desires are inherently bad, but rather, the spiritual alchemy process suggests that the growth of a higher level of consciousness and the purification of one’s spirit can be impeded by our attachment to these earthly desires.

In this enlightening journey, we experience purification through fire, eliminating the hardened and lifeless parts of ourselves. Here are the key insights to understanding the transformative power of Calcination:

  1. Inner transformation: The process of Calcination mirrors an inner metamorphosis, enabling us to shed our worldly attachments and allow space for spiritual growth.
  2. Embracing chaos: Chaos and darkness are integral parts of this stage. By embracing these aspects, we find the courage to face our hidden fears and unresolved emotions, leading to profound self-discovery.
  3. Strength through purification: Just as gold is purified by fire, so too are we refined by the flames of Calcination. By burning away our deadened aspects, we make room for personal growth and spiritual awakening.
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The second stage of spiritual alchemy is known as dissolution, a phase symbolized by water and characterized by the liberation from our inauthentic self. Rooted in the mystical alchemical tradition, dissolution represents an essential step in one’s journey towards spiritual growth and inner healing.

To better understand dissolution, we can draw on the fields of chemistry and psychology. In chemistry, dissolution refers to the process through which solid materials, like salt, dissolve in water. Meanwhile, in Jungian psychology, dissolution relates to the disintegration of the ego, often leading to a profound emotional release.

Water, the symbol of this stage, is commonly associated with powerful emotions. As such, dissolution encompasses the act of releasing pent-up feelings connected to past traumas that have been suppressed deep within our psyche. This cathartic experience enables us to purge ourselves of painful memories and establish a stronger connection to our true essence.

Key points to remember about dissolution:

  • It is the second stage of spiritual alchemy.
  • The process involves freeing oneself from an inauthentic and constructed sense of identity.
  • Water serves as the primary symbol for this phase, signifying the intense emotions experienced during dissolution.
  • Dissolution is closely related to the the release of repressed emotions from past traumatic events.
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As the first two stages were connected to fire and water, the stage of separation is tied to the air element. Considering the spiritual perspective, separation can be interpreted as a disconnection from our routine thought patterns or emotional triggers. This enables us to take a step back and discern our true essence from our acquired personalities.

Separation is an enlightening stage that empowers us to release any resentment we hold towards ourselves or others. It serves as a form of liberation from detrimental emotions, helping us become more aware of our genuine feelings. In this process, we part ways with our inauthentic selves and gravitate closer towards our essential or higher self.

The transformative moment of separation arises when we cease identifying with the roles we’ve been playing and instead become the awareness itself. As we transition into the role of an observer, we discover solace and relief, no longer feeling trapped as the victim of our emotions.

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In the journey of self-discovery, the stage of Conjunction is a significant milestone. It is a process characterized by the integration of the elements experienced in the previous three stages, leading to the emergence of one’s authentic self. Through this process, we examine our core values and start to harmonize vital aspects to form a holistic, unified identity. The Conjunction stage manifests as a spiritual embodiment, with the soul beginning to materialize in harmony with the body.

Conjunction involves the unification of seemingly opposing qualities. For instance, attributes traditionally linked with femininity, such as intuition and emotion, merge seamlessly with attributes associated with masculinity, including logic and intellect. This integration results in an individual feeling aligned in both body and soul, promoting an inner balance and wholeness.

While the Conjunction stage indeed marks progress towards one’s true self, it is crucial to recognize that this process is not the final destination. It is an ongoing pursuit of self-awareness, where disparate strands of one’s identity are continuously woven together to create a unified sense of self. Polarities, once in conflict, begin to coalesce and harmonize. The merging of male and female, body and soul, and spirit and matter signifies the culmination of this stage.

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Embrace Your Rebirth: Rise with the Phoenix – Putrefaction, commonly known as fermentation, signifies the transformative fifth stage of personal development. This pivotal process entails shedding our old, unauthentic selves and embracing the emergence of our genuine selves. In this transformative journey, the first four stages require us to let go of inauthenticity and to acknowledge our true essence.

During this stage, we witness the unveiling of a more refined and authentic version of ourselves. This phase is characterized by two crucial elements: putrefaction and spiritualization. Putrefaction denotes the disintegration of our former selves, allowing us to release any unnecessary aspects. On the other hand, spiritualization provides immense relief as it ushers in a fresh, glowing perspective towards life. This element of spiritualization empowers us to release those aspects of ourselves that do not serve our present life, which fosters feelings of inner peace and contentment.

However, it is imperative to understand that putrefaction may be a challenging phase. As our old identities fade away, we may experience intense emotions such as depression or despair. This fear stems from the potential loss of our identity, which is deeply connected to our former selves. As we rise like the Phoenix, we undergo a profound transformation that leads us to a renewed sense of self, embodying our most authentic essence.

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Distillation: The Liberation of Essence

Distillation, which refers to boiling a liquid to separate the essence from the matter, symbolizes the moment our true selves become spiritualized. As the steam condenses, the essence is freed, marking a turning point in the transformative process. Distillation can be seen as a metaphor for the actualization of one’s spirit.

Jungian psychology also plays an important role during this stage, as it suggests the integration of any shadow aspects into our true self. Distillation represents a step up in consciousness, as our core identity becomes untethered from any lesser elements. As a result, ego no longer dominates our behavior, allowing us to hear the voice of our soul.

Coagulation: The Formation of Wholeness

Coagulation, the final stage in spiritual alchemy, involves solidification—the process through which our essential self becomes whole. As the liquid essence of Distillation solidifies, the healing process of a wound, where forming a scab makes us feel independent and complete.

Central to this concept is the unification of polarities: spirit and matter, body and soul, masculine and feminine, merge to form a singular whole. At this juncture, our higher self can emerge, akin to the moment when gold cools and solidifies.

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