Hippity Hop Hop Easters Here


Happy Easter Friends! I seriously am jumping in joy not only to launch my blog on Easter Sunday but to also share some fun Easter Traditions to maybe spice it up for you and your beautiful family! I don’t know about you, but ANY and I mean ANY excuse to decorate or celebrate I am all over!!!!! Easter holds a special place in my heart for several reasons and I feel like its the true HELLO to Spring time (all though its storming here in California so this year we are a tad limited.) With that lets dive into it! Mommys have you ever heard of the “The Night Before” series of childrens books? There is one for just about any holiday or occasion and they are pretty much AMAZING! I always start the eve of reading these books to really get the imagination and excitement in full swing for my littles! This year our Pre Easter craft was Wooden Eggs that they could paint with water colors and we put on the teared tray I have on my china cabinet! (last year we did a egg tree with styrofome and more glitter than the yellow brick road itself.) In the morning I mix a teaspoon of white glitter and 2 tablespoons of baby powder and create little bunny fufu foot prints leading up to their Easter Baskets! I always hide in our house the dyed easter eggs and have Mr. or Mrs. Bunny leave a note about the scavenger hunt that’s ahead of them! (Make sure you count them before hiding so you don’t lose any and find them in June…) Trust me on this its not a good smell to discover. I usually use some easter bunny bribery to ration out candy so their not sugar bazonkers out for the ENTIRE day of Easter (We have Mr. Cottontail who is my “elf on the shelf” method for the day!) This keeps the rest of the family from wanting to hide for the rest of the day from sugar crazed littles. Any one who knows me knows Family Meals are a HUGE deal to me. I try to do them at least 5-6 nights a week with no electronics, just good food and family. Our family dynamic is not ideal as mine is in Seattle and the hubbys is in Reno so we try to keep it intimate, simplistic and fun! Table Setting for Easter has to be one of my favorite things yet! This year I was all about Peonies, Tulips, Aquas, Blush Pinks, with a splash of Gold Accents! Maybe I’m just getting old but I am obsessed with simple pops of colors on neutrals. Michaels always has the cutest little accents like bunny napkin holders, banners, mats, etc. for such an affordable price! Now for the mouth watering part….. The meal this year!

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
  2. Score ham by making 1/2-inch deep diagonal cuts, creating a diamond pattern; transfer ham to a roasting pan.
  3. Mix brown sugar with enough yellow mustard to make a smooth, pourable sauce.
  4. Pour reserved pineapple juice over ham, followed by the honey. (Be generous with the honey.)

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Easter spent with Family and Friends enjoying the most important thing in this life! EACH OTHER!!!!! I’m doing my happy dance now with all the things to come now that we have launched! (Just the blog name took us over 6 months! ay yaya) Don’t forget to click the follow button as we will do a ton of give aways from my Etsy Shop, have some talented guest, and just bring you the AWESOMENESS you deserve!

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