Mommin Aint Easy

hey-who-s-the-designer-here-before-after-design-talk-oyxnog-clipartIts human nature… we want our lives to look shiny and put together, which is why social media is so wonderful because everyone has rock star lives and no problems (unless it’s that one annoying person on your feed who just post sappy love quotes and my life is so bad give me attention tags all the time.) On the flip side I think it’s so important people see YOU THE. REAL. YOU.  The relationships you develop than become….well REAL. The tribulations, trials, and triumphs! Their all amazing things on this journey! Diving right in now….. Being a Parent is Messy. I have sat through so many parenting classes I can not even count any more. Not because I had too but because I wanted too. Having my son as a single 22-year-old with it all figured out (insert hysterical laughing face here) I knew after I kept running into brick walls I needed some guidance. I knew 2 things and that was about it….I wanted to be the BEST mom for my child and that was all that mattered, and I wanted to break the cycle of my families parenting tactics. I sat embarrassed in the back of this class feeling about a mm tall and heard the psychologist speaking about how messy parenting is. I didn’t understand than what I do now, that no parent can be perfect or have it all figured out because every child is special and unique and needs something different from you! No one can parent your child like YOU. It is scientifically proven that your dna is best suit in knowing – that deep down gut feeling knowing – what YOUR CHILD NEEDS! We all have to learn along the way how to be GREAT PARENTS to raise GREAT KIDS! First off you have to know what type of child you have so you can learn the best parenting strategy…..

  • Choleric: adventurous, determined, outspoken, competitive, strong-willed
  • Sanguine: playful, sociable, talkative, lively, imaginative
  • Melancholy: detailed, orderly, persistent, respectful, deep
  • Phlegmatic: thoughtful, controlled, adaptable, attentive, diplomatic

This is a very general guideline, however an excellent starting point. My first-born is Choleric like 150%. You say yes he says no. You say the sky is blue he says its white. Yesterday I had to work a swim registration with the community I live in, while the rest of the children are playing at the park or looking for bugs mine had dived face first into the stinkiest pond because he felt like “taking a swim and the pool was closed.” Than proceeding to take a rake from the golf course sand and “saving the baby geese.” (Saving the baby geese by chasing the mother goose with a rake….we all know how this could have gone!) last but not least like Mr. Tazmanian himself takes his little sisters pizza and throws it over the fence into a swimming pool. Than he sat down and realized the over excitement whirlwind that just happened and began to sob…..Im sharing this with you because it was like an oh my god moment for me…..I was not mortified at the behavior…I was mortified at what everyone around me was thinking. He is a six-year-old little boy with NO capability to rationalize between “good choice” and “DONT DIVE IN” yet. He is just in the moment…Literally. I felt compelled to share this moment because how often are we so scared of what people think that we are not being true to our selves or to our  children? PARENTS GET IT… I MEAN REALLY GET IT! Your kid chases a goose with a rake, parents know your not a MEAN MOM for putting them in time out in public. Your teaching them right from wrong. Your developing and shaping them into be a great human…. (not who you want them to be…. – Let them grow and develop into who they were meant to be, what their calling is, not who you dream them to be! Just like you…Children have a journey as well…And a pretty amazing one at that…) These ordinary moments turn into extraordinary learning and growing moments for you and the little minions. I just felt compelled to challenge you as I have been challenging myself to not walk on egg shells because someone will judge you. I am going to let you in on a little secret…. YOUR BEING JUDGED…. we live in a judgey sensitive era…You will always offend someone because your ideas are different and THATS OKAY!!!! Can I get an AMEN were not all the same….That shit would just be boring. So know you have mammas everywhere on your side! That crying baby in the airport your trying to shush….BEEN THERE. The tantrum in the middle of the grocery aisle with cans laying on the floor….BEEN THERE. The Blow Out right as you enter a meeting…BEEN THERE….We have all BEEN THERE! Love each other, Lift each other up, and know that every day is worth it because you have this amazing little human counting on YOU!

Mommin Aint Easy Yo!

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