The Best Bath Bomb Recipe


Talk about a tricky hand crafted trade….The craze! The luscious bath bombs that make your skin feel like a million bucks when you step out side the bath. If you have a handmade business you want your client to not only get that fizzy fun of the first drop, but to get all five sensations going at once! Lets start…(You will get my weird jokes as we get closer, I promise!)

  • See – You want them to be gorgeous! You want something for EVERYONE! The teenager who loves unicorns, the mom who wants to relax, the working women who wants her legs to shine in that pencil skirt, the man who wants his goose bumps to disappear on his arms…. Visual stimulation is half the battle my friends…. I always try to make something with an EXACT target audience in mind! *Speaking of this…stay tuned for the handmade market coming up to help you launch an AWESOME handcrafted business…..Oh and yes its FREE…. *SQUIRELL* ok so diving in now… I love using colors that pop, real flowers or lavendar buds, items that make it unique and stand out against the BILLIONS of others sold out there! Get creative, fail a few times! I use my failed flops for my littles and they think their awesome even when there ugly so its a win win.
  • Touch – This you have to be careful with. If you go cray cray with the citric acid it will be dry and itchy to the touch and no one is going to want to put that near their bodies, let alone in a bath tub. On the flip side if you use to much of your base (everyone has a different favorite…coconut oil, almond oil….Your catching my drift? Balance is everything! Not to mention if you over due the liquid aspect of bath bombs you will have them melted by the time they arrive in a package on the long journey to their new home.
  • Ears – Yup that fizzy drop….thats life. You want it to be perfect! The bubbles are half the relaxation.
  • Nose – WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER RIGHT HERE! Once that package is opened you want the aromas to be breath taking! You want it to be edible smelling and nothing short of delicious! This calls for some serious balance! If your like me and can smell nothing have your family or friends double check to make sure its not too strong before you ship out!
  • Tongue – Are we laughing yet? No, no, no…Please do not eat your bath bombs…. I do for liability sake though put a little note in their saying Please dont eat me! However if you are making for the littles and they get some in their mouth there is no need to call poison control! (My kids like to drink bath water while playing “kitchen” and making their magic potions….were still kicking and going strong! But I dont suggest it!

Now for the good part! Im sharing my SECRET RECIPE! *dont put me out of business friends with your kick ass bath bombs your about to create* This will make about 5-6 so if you want to do more just double the batch and recipe! Also I always trust my feelers and sometimes will add a little more coconut oil if I feel its to crumbly in the mixing process! Ok drum roll please……

  1. 1 Cup of Citric Acid
  2. 1 Cup of Baking Soda
  3. 1/2 Cup of Cornstarch (I sometimes subsitute this with a milk powder.)
  4. 1/2 -1 cup of melted refined Coconut Oil
  5. 10-12 Drops of Essential Oils. – Tip – If you are living in the clouds like I am most of the time….Not all essential oils are lavender, chamomile, hippie smelling! You can hop on amazon prime and get vanilla, cotton candy, and any other smell under the sun…This only took me a year to figure out.
  6. Coloring *when your starting out you can use food coloring* for pastels only 1 -2 drops for bright and vibrant 5-6.

Mix together all dry ingredients first, and then slowly tip the bowl to the side and I cant express this enough S L  O W L Y pour in the wet ingredients pre mixed together. Do not use a whisker to mix because it gets stuck and you waste half the product then you have to use your hands, than its not sanitary, than you cant ship it to your customers…So just dont. Ready for my magic tool….A fork…yup thats right a plain old fork!

Are you inpatient? I think most creative minds think alike…So I am just going to assume that you are not buddah. Place them in the molds that you choose (if you are using real lavender buds etc. now is your time to add them on the top or mix them in.) If not get to pouring! Than I put them in the freezer for about an hour! This seals the coconut oil and makes them hard and shaped PERFECTLY and easy to pop right out into packaging! If you are Buddah and I totally have it all wrong you can just leave them in a sanitary place where no cats, dogs, or children will attack and let them set over night!

Happy Fizzing My Friends!! Happy Fizzing….


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