Toddler Tutus Tutorial

  • 18947517_264931993914477_7452768762601668608_n(1)Hi Friends! I am super excited to share my tutu magic with you! We will just dive directly to the good stuff….. You will need
  • Tulle
  • Scissors
  • Some hands ready to tie a billion knots
  • Ready….LETS DO THIS!
  1. Cut about a 3 ft piece of tulle and create it into a “strip”
  2. Cut 6 – 12 inch strips depending on how “skirt” or “tutu” like you want the final look to be. (You will want about 30-40 to start out than you can add more if need be.
  3. Take your original 3 ft piece of Tulle and place in your lap, I always start on the left side and work my way to the right. Leave about 4-6 inches on the outside of your strip to make sure that you have room to tie a bow when finished with your tutu.
  4. Begin your knots…..Below is an image of how the 6-12 inch strips will tie around your 3 ft  piece base of tulle.
  5. download
  6. Once you have the desired width of skirt leave a remaining 4-6 inches on the right side to complete the bow. 18879536_711497089057697_8393241780086112256_n(1)
  7. With the above picture my 3 ft base was black with gold and red strips wrapped around. I love the pop of contrast on the bows!
  8. Happy Crafting!!!!!


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