Under The Sink

Unless your Martha Stewart, most likely your under the sink looks like a bomb went off! Am I right??? At least mine did! When we remodeled our kitchen I was in full organization mode to de clutter and make space where I could! Here are some simple and effective hacks I found at doing just that!

My little one likes to climb on EVERY THING and broke the towel hanger in my bathroom, and so I decided to move it to under my sink and place garbage bags around it! (I literally used double sided velcro to secure it, which worked like a gem.)


Next I took the screw in hooks (Sold at any hardware store and created a space for bulky hanging items that took up a bunch of space.) I found an extra Spice holder to place all of my dish washing tabs so the box was not taking up a ton of space underneath the cabinet.


Find any additional baskets, etc. (Any thing can be velcroed) I learned the greatness of this while experiment hanging! Lastly I took a basket and placed all my tiny cleaning supplies, magic erasers, sos pads, etc. in this!


IMG_5808Lastly I used the piping already under the sink as a cleaning holder! The bottles fit perfectly hanging right over the pipe! Everything else I just organized in rows. For example (dish washing – one row) (Dog Cleaning – Second row.)


Happy Organizing My Friends!


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