The Simplest Sign Method

Signs are amazing, inspirational and add the perfect touch to any room or event. You can make a professional looking sign in less than 30 minutes with this simple hack!

  • Go to and find the perfect font style you are looking for.
  • Download it onto your computer.
  • Pull up a word document and print out the words. For example


  • Once you have your printed paper, turn it over so the words are back wards and the printed farm house is facing down ward. Take a pencil and trace each letter from the back side. Press hard and scribble so every letter is completely colored in with the pencil.
  • Flip your paper over so the printed side is up and place the pencil covered side on to the wood you are working with.
  • Trace over the letters pressing firmly until you have completely spelled the word and “transferred” onto the wood.
  • Remove paper and you should have a clear outline of the wording you placed. Then take a sharpie or paint and go over the letters.

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