St. Patricks Day Corn Beef & Crafts

The fact that St.  Patrick’s day fell on a weekend had me all sorts of ecstatic this year! I love these little holiday as they are so fun for the littles to truly break out their imagination!

Lets start off with the worlds easiest and tastiest Corn Beef and Cabbage Recipe.

Grocery List:

  • Corn Beef (Pre packaged and seasoned is best!)
  • Baby Carrots
  • Colored small potatoes
  • Cabbage
  • Colliander
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Basil Leafs

Place Corn Beef in crock pot first and then place your vegis around the corn beef pour in seasoning (As much as you want for taste) Do remember however that corn beef is very salt naturally so go easy on any season with a salty flavor. Fill the crock pot up with water and let sit for 4-5 hours on high. Then let sit on low for 45 minutes. Delicious, Simple, and less than a five-minute prep time! Now were talking!!! Am I right ladies? 

Now for some super simple and exciting crafts for the little ones~ 
leprechaun Trap 

This can be as simple as a shoe box and some glitter! We went to Michael’s and grabbed a little wood castle, spray painted it gold, and then ventured into their fairy garden section where we found a rainbow and some fencing to make a cage. My son cut a small half hole in the shoe box so when the leprechaun jumps on the box he gets trapped inside! leprechaun Traps are amazing to watch their little imaginations fly free!

image2 (1)

Shamrock Hands

All you need is a piece of construction paper or a white blank canvas, some green paint and little hands.

I have paint trays I use to make it a little less messy and easier clean up!

th (1)

Green Sparkling Cider

Not everything  has to cost mula mammas! Out of all the fun things I wanted to create and do the green cookies and sprinkles with the green sparkling cider was the biggest hit! (2 drops of green food coloring in sparkling cider) Bado boom and Bada Bing….

image1 (1)

This is a short and sweet St. Patrick’s Day Post, I hope you all are having a fantastic evening!

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