Lets talk Coconuts

We all know coconuts are the latest health rage! One their delicious, but they have so many fun facts! I received these amazing coconut bowls and it intrigued me to dive in on what else coconut has been used for!


As it turns out, coconut water is a workable short-term substitute for human blood plasma. There’s even a case where a coconut IV was used in the Solomon Islands to treat a severely dehydrated patient.

In World War I, Coconuts were used to make the gas mask. *Steam activated Coconut Char. They are excellent for filtering toxic chemicals.


Even now, coconut-fired carbon is still an important ingredient in cleaning up radiation and was heavily used in the cleanup project at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant.

In other countries humans train monkeys to climb and harvest coconuts as it is not an easy task to shimmy up a coconut tree.


The president of the Philipines built an entire palace out of coconuts named “The Coconut Palace.”

Coconuts can clothe you. Many cultures use them as bras, or other garments in festivals or cultural dances.

Coconuts are a direct substitute for petroleum diesel.

There are over 1300 kinds of coconuts in the world. They can be divided into Pacific and Indian.

In the Philippines, sap from an unopened coconut flower is distilled into quit the cocktail. It’s powerful stuff (easily 80 to 90 proof) but is organic and chemical-free. Lambanog is traditionally homemade.

They can be used for utensils, dishware, and every day life necessities. This my friend is as organic as it comes!

Ready to hop on this coconut train?!

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