The Course that Changed my Parenting

People come into our life for very specific reasons at very specific times. I will always be a firm believer that the universe provides us exactly what we need when we need it if we are open to receiving it.


I met a woman named Christina Fletcher a while back, little did I know this woman would change my outlook on parenting forever.

Spiritual Kids was designed by Christina and the course I took with my oldest son. After asking Christina why she decided to start this program and how she designed it I received this email.

“I’m a homeschooling mom of 3 and from even when my daughters were little I was eager to pass on more than just an education for them. I wanted them to know themselves and to know how to navigate and appreciate their feelings. I was passionate to pass them on the gifts of meditation and how to create a space where they could feel better, as well as learn how to create a better life for themselves, day by day.
The exercises in Spiritual Kids are really what came out of that passion years ago. I kept gathering them up and then expanding the collection when my son was born. The more they grew, the more I learnt about Spirit myself and so, the Spiritual Kids course is really a representation of my own journey as well as what I felt other parents were searching for. We all want to give our kids the gift of themselves, in their full power. So, that was really my intention.”
Powerful. Am I right? This woman made me question myself. Question my beliefs. Grounded me in my beliefs. Allowed me to get to know things about my son that I had no idea he was experiencing or feeling. Life Changing Stuff People! I mean common our goal as mamas is to raise these amazing humans who go out and do amazing things with the life their given and still love and stay close to their family. This is my life goal atleast.
Lets rewind a bit. This course is a week by week course that gives you and your child exercises to complete, stories to read together, and activities to grow and nurture your soul. When I started out on week one there is a beliefs questionnaire, and well I like to think I am very grounded in what I do or don’t believe in, I realized three things….
1. I stared at that blank sheet of questions for 2 hours with no answers that were MINE, but ones that had been embedded into me from my parents and their beliefs.
2. I realized and got real clear with where I stood with my spirituality and what I wanted my children to learn.
3. I was able to define who I was and so I could be a better guide to my children in learning to love who they were meant to be.
A certain part of the opening week really hit me. One of the Activities is to have your child look in the mirror at themselves and tell you what they see, and then at a later time ask them what they see and feel about themselves. A good time for me is always while driving so that’s when I do the asking of questions with my little ones.
My son looked in the mirror for a few minutes and responded “I see a bunch of polka dots on my face, I hate them.” – He was referring to all of his freckles which I adore.
Later in the car I asked him the same question and his response was “I feel excited I get to play all the time, a lot of kids can’t do that.”
This may not seem like a big deal but watching the difference of my son from exterior to interior and what he felt about himself showed me as a parent where I needed to help him see the beauty of who he was designed to be.
Christina also has meditations at the beginning of each week which I still listen to at bed to fall asleep and be motivated for the next day she is just phenomenal in moving your heart and motivating your soul.
We worked on sensory, relaxation tips and tricks (my little guy suffers from being a little high stressed at times) and through this a 7-year-old learned how to re center, re direct, and become aware of his feelings vs. reacting immediately and thinking later. A – MA – ZING.
In today’s society we are so trained on social media platforms, electronics, media, to feel a certain way, look a certain way, be a certain way….This way is bull shit and not who we were designed to be. We are not following our way but yet conforming to what someone else wants us to be. I joke that it’s a curse I have such strong willed children, but I know what a blessing it is to have such free-spirited peanuts, as a parent it can be challenging, but it is amazing to sit back and watch them beat to their own drum not follow what others want them to be. Spiritual Parenting just makes you slow down and allow your self to feel and question your emotions instead of running away or stuffing them. (Mom confession – I needed this more than any one as I just keep running instead of stopping and looking around.)
In the day-to-day aspects I couldn’t see an immediate change, but months later I look back and I see how much more peaceful my household is run, there is a calming effect in knowing yourself and the trust you earn between yourself and your children.
It puts a smile on my face to know that these tools were so powerful, provided me so much growth as a mother, I Just had to share with you other mama bear’s because when I find something that changes my day-to-day life in a simplifying way, its roof top shouting worthy!

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