Elegant Dressing Up in 5 Minutes

Being a girl is FUN! We get to doll ourselves up, paint our nails, find amazing signature pieces that just scream individuality, and twirl with no one blinking twice!

When I became a mom a lot of my getting dolled up went by the way side and the yoga pants, the husbands sweatshirts, and mom messy buns became my new go too!

Now on nights out or events I attend, simplicity is so key to me! I still want the fun girliness of getting glammed up but have maybe 20 minutes max to pull it all together! I met one amazingly talented women who can dress you up with just a piece of jewelry!

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Last week was my sons end of school year performance and I was so sick all day with the pregnancy that when 6 pm rolled around I could do a french twist, throw on a dress and go! I then remembered I had these amazing pieces from Beadin Down South to try out!

Normally I wear my wedding ring and that is about the extent of my jewelry wearing! I put these pieces on and felt like a princess! All night parents were complimenting how I was glowing, and how beautiful the pieces were! (I think I just became a jewelry addict) Who knew something so simple could jazz up an out fit so much!

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Now lets rewind! The maker behind this beading is a powerful, beautiful woman who lives in South Carolina! She stitches with a needle and thread  every single piece to a precision of perfection.  Meet Mel – She has been a bead weaver and designer for 4 years now. She designs delicate timeless jewelry for uniquely stylish women. She uses an array of bead weaving techniques.

Mel has a way of captivating elegance and changing a complete look with one piece from her collection. It literally took my breath away when I opened up the package. (As a fellow maker I know the heart and soul that is poured into pieces like this and it was a privilege to get to show off her work!)


To get yours you can visit WEBSITE: Beadindownsouth.net

Lets follow and support this phenomenal woman on INSTAGRAM: @beadindownsouth
Pamper Yourself Mamas – You deserve to feel like a princess. 

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