Summer is just a few weeks away – Can I get an amen?! 


With that being said, I do two giant shopping sprees for my little’s throughout the year, Back to school and Summer. (I’m  a total online shopping girl myself so I wanted to put together an easy summer shopping guide of my favorite finds this season for you!)

This year I kept it simple and went to three places. Matilda Jane, Old Navy, & Amazon.

Ready for Summer 2018 Tips to budget and save? OK me too, me too, me too!

This year when we went to Old Navy, I decided to apply for their store credit card because upon being approved you get 40% off you entire purchase plus an additional 10% on top of that! So I went in and spent $347 on play clothes for the kids and by check out, sales, and the new card sales my total was $107 when walking out the door! SCORE! (I just paid off the card right then and there because I hate having credit card payments!)

I love finding new styles for my kids, for my daughter I love the modest little dresses that are coming back in style and I have found my absolute favorite brand! As a fellow renovator and diy woman I follow Fixer Upper on the regular! This brand Joanna Gaines dresses her girls in and she partnered with this company last season in some of the design! YES PLEASE  – Best part So Affordable!!!
Monthly promo for $25 when you spend $175
I also have discount codes set up for you on this site, at check out it will ask you to select a “Jane” you can select Courtney Hanson or @thesweetestlittlelife and get extra discounts!
New releases each month, you can follow @tulle_and_tulips to stay updated on sales and new releases.
Most of us mamas survive on Coffee, Target, and Amazon Prime am I right? A ton of my finds this year were on Prime of course!!!! No screaming children in the stores, and two day free shipping!
I feel like the most time consuming part is scrolling through all the outfits and what to find! Here are my top 10 finds from Prime this year for Summer.

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