Treatments to treat yourself in 2021

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We all need to look after ourselves a bit more, don’t we? That is what 2020 has taught us more than anything. So, why not treat yourself? Here are some of the different treatments to consider: 

Holistic treatments

Reflexology – This treatment is ideal for helping the body to heal and rebalance itself. Through massaging the reflex areas of the feet you will not only feel healthier but you will feel calmer too as the treatment creates a wonderful sense of well-being. This is a great stress relief option.

Relaxing well-being massage – This massage is perfect for those who want to elevate all the stress and worry they are feeling. It is a whole-body treatment which combines the use of specially selected essential oils.

Hot Stone Therapy – This massage combines the use of essential oils and hot basalt stones. It is deeply soothing and has great benefits, including; tension relief, improved circulation and an overall enhancement to your feeling of well-being. 

Back, Neck and Head Massage – These are the parts of our body which tend to carry the most stress and tension and thus by massaging the back, neck and head areas you will feel completely revitalised. 

Hopi Ear Candling – This innovative and unique method involves using a Hopi ear candle. This is not your ordinary wax candle. Instead, it is actually a cotton tube which has been saturated with therapeutic oils, honey and beeswax. The Hopi ear candle is inserted in the ear in order to relieve pressure in the head and sinuses via drawing out any impurities. It can also help with any hearing problems you may be experiencing. Once the treatment is over you will feel a lot more relaxed and your head will feel a lot clearer. And don’t worry; Hopi Ear Candling is 100 per cent pain-free.

Reiki – Reiki is a simple yet extremely effective treatment. It is not a massage, rather the beauty therapist will place their hands on non-intrusive positions on or near your body. The whole person is treated rather than a specific targeted area. The length of these sessions varies depending on the individual’s needs. They can be anything from 45 minutes long to an hour and a half long. 

Please note: Reiki practitioners are not trained in any diagnoses. The outcome of any treatment cannot be predicted. If you have a symptom that you are concerned about then you should see a doctor. 

Beauty treatments

There are also plenty of different beauty treatments that you can enjoy throughout 2021. This includes the following:

Hair Removal – There are several different types of hair removal; from waxing, to threading, to HD eyebrows. 

Waxing – It is recommended that you do not shave nor trim your hairs for at least three weeks before your waxing appointment. Furthermore, if you are using Retin A or Accutane (or have done so in the past four months) then facial waxing cannot be carried out. Some places also offer pregnancy waxing. This is perfectly fine and will not cause any harm to you or your baby. Your skin may be a little bit more sensitive, but you can rest assured that professionals are highly experienced when it comes to waxing mums-to-be. 

Threading – Threading is booming in popularity at the moment. This is an ancient Indian skill and has been used for a century. Cotton thread is utilised in order to remove unwanted hairs. This lightening quick technique involves twisting and rolling the thread across the surface of your skin to catch the unwanted hairs and remove them from the follicle. The results are astounding; immaculate and perfectly shaped.

HD Brows (High definition eyebrows) – This unique procedure is deemed the ultimate solution for stunning eyebrows. It involves seven steps and a variety of techniques. And whilst this technique may be revolutionary, it is by no means expensive. 

Eyelashes – Most salons have a fast array of eyelash extensions for you to choose from. Whether you want full-on glamour or a subtle enhancement; beauticians can provide it. They will provide their expert aid to give you extensions which complement your eye and face shape. The technique they use will be unique to them, and allows you to wear eyelash extensions continually without having to worry about the state of your natural lashes. Not only is this beneficial, but maintenance appointments are merely required every three to five weeks.

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