How to get creative with breakfast

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We are officially in the full swing of summer and for some of us that means less of a morning rush with breakfast! Ill be the first to admit Im guilty of stopping at our local coffee shop more than once a week to grab a quik bite on the rush into school.

My littles are not huge breakfast eaters so I have been doing some research in making it a little more fun and spicing up our summer morning routine! I found some adorable and super easy ideas that were too good not to share with all my Mama Bears.

We will just dive right in and get you inspired for the bright and early morning ahead! I’ll also be posting some fun kid movie recipes to make and bake with your children later this week for the perfect night in!

First up… Pancakes, because who doesn’t love a fun flap jack! 

Waffles are just pancakes with abs. – Lets show them some love. 


What is Beethoven’s Favorite fruit? Ba-Na-Na-Naaaaaaaa


What day of the week do eggs hate? FRY DAY.

Happy Breakfast Making Mamas!

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