Treat Yourself with the Little Things

Ladies, there is just no denying – I love me some knee high socks so when I found Chrissy’s Line I was in sock heaven! (Socks may or may not be a guilty pleasure of mine.) For holidays they go in every basket my littles get. For Christmas, there my number one favorite stocking stuffer! For Summer, I love hopping out of a shower throwing on some shorts and these comfy hugs around my feet to make sure my feet do not get dirty being the bare foot bandit I tend to be and snuggle into bed.

image1 (2)

The history of things truly intrigues me and so I thought I would share with you a fun little learn something new for today.

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During the Roman Empire the first type of knee high socks were introduced. At that time men and women wrapped their feet with cloth and bound them with leather straps around the feet up to the calf. During the 1920’s knee highs became extrodinarily popular in America. In the 1960’s they were a fashionable necessity. Today their fun, used for sports, leg warmers, and mamas like this one who are always cold!

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Now go get your comfy knee highs girlfriend  – Best Knee High Socks


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