Hydration for your Skin, Lips & Body.

Its summer time which means hot weather, chlorine, and dry locks!

Don’t settle for frizzy dried hair this season ladies, I have created a list of our favorite summer products to make sure your staying hydrated (not only through water intake but through your lips and hair as well.)

  1. Start with the inner body to create a glowing look – Drink your H20, start in the morning and keep it up all through out the day, try a glass every other hour starting out, you want to make sure your body is staying nice and hydrated through the heat. Water is used to flush out toxins and waste product which will clear your skin and also give you more energy. I am in California so its HOT, my favorite water bottle for keeping everything icy cool all day is right here41cU3Zi4alL._SL250_
  2.  Repair your hair in less than an hour with Nutrees Brazilian Botox Mask, this product will leave your hair feeling soft, shiny, and hydrated after just one use! If I have been in the pool a ton or out at sporting events with my littles, I use this magical gem and have amazing locks the same day that people are ooooing and awwwing over. (Fantastic hair just puts a pep in your step.) This mask helps with split ends, humidity, tough textures, unruly stray hairs, and dryness.image1 (17)

Dont forget those lips – they can get chapped, dried, and peely with just one burn. The rest of your body needs SPF protection from those harsh rays, so do your kissers. The best product I have found all summer for the kiddos and myself is Coola SPF 30 Our favorite flavor is the peppermint and vanilla. This product stays on taste delicious! 41bhdQ3vIWL._SL250_Keep it Simple, find your favorite products, and use them religiously to make sure fall comes with a glowing new you.


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