The Ultimate Maternity Style Guide

Ladies! Are you ready for my Mom Confession?

I totally lived in my husbands clothing for the last three months of pregnancy with my daughter. It was embarrassing feeling homely and completely letting myself go.

With baby number three I was determined to still take care of myself and keep a pep in my step (especially with how sick I have been for the past six months) whew! I have found some of the cutest maternity clothing,¬† bra’s that are not totally grandma status, and pampering goodies to boost my glow while I’ve got it!

Ready for the ultimate shopping list to keep your sexy on while your pregnant?

Let’s get to it!

Bump Boxes РGet yours here.

It can be so hard to justify shopping for anything pampering while you are saving every penny for a new family arrival. These boxes are amazing and have you covered. When I ordered mine I was so excited to see that it came with lotions for your growing belly, face and body mask to enhance your glow, nail polish, eye pads, and the best water bottle (like ever) The box is a total Mama Bear necessity and had me so excited for some night time pampering of things I would never go out and intentionally purchase! Can we just say uh-ma-zzziiinnnngggg…

(Not to mention you need about twenty water bottles in stock before the baby arrives for nursing. I don’t know about you, but I turn into a camel stuck in the sahara desert.) Not enough water in the world for a mama getting her milk in. Just keepin it real.

Tiff Marie Maternity

These designers know what it’s all about. I really wanted to find comfy brands instead of MooMoo dresses and plus size options from Target this go around. I stumbled upon @tiffmariematernity on Instagram and Insta fell in love with the style. When I put this outfit on, my daughter kept rubbing my tummy telling me how soft I felt – haha. (Littles tell it like it is.) This maternity line is designed by a fellow mama who knows how to rock a bumb in style. See ya later Moo Moo’s. The particular style I got is perfect for a gender reveal shoot with a pop of blue or pink! Eeeeeek!

Is it the year of boys or girls? I feel like all of my girlfriends are having girls. I have become the long ranger over here with baby Tristan on the way!

Cake Maternity Bra’s

As many of you know, I struggled with getting pregnant this go around. Maybe stress? Maybe bad timing? None the less, it was a three-year journey of painful negative test and a whole lot of ovulation strips. About a year after nursing my daughter and realizing my boobs looked like a disoriented cheetoh. I decided to get them some professional help. I had accepted I was just meant to have two littles. Not even a year later BAM, the double pink lines!!!!

What I did not realize was after having a breast augmentation it gets real during pregnancy. Problems I never thought would arise. They do not make my size bras in the store girlfriend!!! I then found Cake Maternity!! Thank Goodness¬†Gracioussssss! They create every thing from nursing bras to maternity bras that are COMFORTABLE….(If you can’t tell I am all about the comfiness) I felt sexy in the style and not all bunched up like several maternity and nursing bras tend to do to us. If you are starting to grow bigger than you ever imagined with your growing little miracle, Cake Maternity is your place. Save yourself the pointless trips searching for somethingin stores. Avoid the Mom Bra Catastroph all together girl!


Bird Rock Booties

As mammas we go through so many changes that sometimes we forget all the changes our littles are experiencing as well. Through the whole process of my pregnancies I try to include my children in what our “new life” will look like. I want them to feel included and not experience lack of love or jealousy when our new little bundle arrives. These little booties I have been stocking up on since our baby will be born in Winter and my daughter decided to name one of her baby dolls “Baby Tristan” and now dresses them in these adorable booties and diapers learning how to nurture, be patient, love, and learn that she is not going to be the “baby” any more but even better she gets to be a BIG SISTER. These booties are so soft, so sweet, and a great way to keep the tosies nice and warm in the cold winter months.

Just remember, it’s okay to still take care of yourself, Mom like a boss, enjoy that pregnancy glow and not feel guilty. You deserve it! You are growing a little human – never forget that. Happy Pampering.

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