Ways to Save on Back to School Clothing

The first day of September!!! Are you kidding me? This summer just seemed to fly by quicker than most. Most kids are headed back to school this coming week or have just begun and I wanted to give you mamas some tips and tricks of saving money for back to school shopping! The summer growth spurts and new wardrobes can add up quickly!

With baby number three approaching I was on a mission this year to be well prepared and organized for the upcoming school adventure! Lets face it, no one wants to go shopping for hours on end with several kids, so finding online resources was huge for me this year.

I came across Kids Box and instantly fell in love. You start out by taking a quiz on what your littles style is. (I let each kid do the quiz individually to make sure I didn’t just “mom pick”) They have seasonal boxes and dress from ages 2-14. (They also do baby boxes which I will be all over once baby Tristan arrives from 0-24 months)

Each box contains 6-7 styles and you get a week to pick what will work and what will not. You just return or exchange the unwanted items and shipping is on the company so you do not pay a dime. Ok, ready for the best part? Each box with 6-7 full-out fits is only $98!!!!!!! I can’t even get away with going to Ross and walking out with under $200. Even better part? Every box kept, the company donates an item of clothing to a child in need through Delivering Good. In my eyes, you just can’t really go wrong. When the box arrived my kids were so excited at the coloring pages, pencil bags, and cool water bottles included with the clothing it made them that much more excited for back to school.

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Let’s kick off 2018 right with never even having to leave the house for hours of endless dressing room wars and store melt downs. Happy Shopping Mamas!

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