How to limit screen time but still have mom time.

How do we stay connected in life with the people who matter most? How do we maintain a healthy balance of networking and real-time? For as long as I have had kids my friends and family give me the hardest time about “never answering my phone.” Here’s the deal, I have to be on my phone so much for work, especially as an entrepreneur its easy to get sucked in to always having the need to be reachable, always being on top of trends, always posting at ideal times for engagement, and ya all this is exhausting.


There are ways to balance it and keep it in check because big picture here…..Your children are  watching you and will mimic your behavior. I notice on days I’m extremely overwhelmed or busy, my go to is the tablet to occupy my children because it’s the simplest method. Does this mean its right? Absolutely not.  I mean there are days that our entire house just needs time to veg and that’s totally okay but other days it’s a constant struggle to limit tablet or “screen” time for the entire family. I mean think about it….You walk into a restaurant and nine times out of ten the people sitting directly across from each other are not connecting and enjoying each others company. They are doing what? DING DING you guessed right….scrolling the good ol Instagram or Facebook.

So what are ideas to entertain little’s when you have to do chores or work? I have you covered Mama Bear – I’ve put together a list of ideas that are a sure-fire way to give you an hour here an hour there throughout the day. Lets dive on in!

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  • Slime or Plato – I have a little tray with toys and sensory items and a mason jar filled with slime or plato on hand at all times. I set my kids up at the table and let them go to town.
  • Arts & Crafts – My daughter LOVES to paint little creations. I will often give her 5 or 6 colors of paint with some fun colored construction paper and let her little imagination run free. We make pictures for Santa or what candy land will look like. I often will give her a “task” and she has to create it.
  • Outside Time – We are so blessed to live in the country with a big yard and places to explore. My kids love their trampoline time, Nerf wars, or just riding around in the coldasac on their bikes.
  • Bug Hunt – We have a little net that the kids often explore and find lizards, bugs, butterflies, and put them in the bug net and then create a “habitat” for their finds.
  • Hide & Seek – On a rainy day there’s nothing more sweet than hearing 1, 2. 3. ready or not here I come!
  • Interactive Toys – My Absolute favorite brand of toys for my kids is @mybtoys! They are all interactive and imagination based. The attention span my littles have with these toys is beyond compare. My B Toys has items for all age groups my kids are in right now which is huge for them each to have something special to play with and have individual time. This is especially important when they are in the “I’m bored” “he hit me” “She bit me” needing to be separated hours of the day. Below I’ve included links of my favorite items this company has!
  1. Wonders Above (newborn)
  2. Sounds So Squeezy (newborn)
  3. Magical Mellow ZZZ (newborn)
  4. Illuminating Whale (newborn)
  5. Owl be Back (Newborn)
  6. Symphony Music Maker (My Big Kids LOVE THIS)
  7. Marble Palooza (Another big kid fav)
  • Go for a walk – Nothing is more refreshing than a park play date connecting with other mammas, or a nice little hike with the dog. When my kids are completely stir crazy this is my go to!
  • Tape Laser Tag – This is one of my favorite rainy day activities! Take some masking tape or ribbon (Really what ever is handy at home that you can make “beams” with will work.) I use the hall way and create a maze the kids have to get through, which creates so many giggles.


  • Bored Jar – Take a mason jar and some popsicle sticks. On each popsicle stick have the kids write activities they like to do! Examples : Paint nails, play tag, jump on bed, clean room, read a book, have a dance party, etc. When they start in with “I am bored Mama” have them draw a stick out of the bored jar and do the activity!

Lets make a commitment to connect more – Lets make a commitment to be more in the moment – Lets make a commitment to do the best we can loving what is right in front of us and tangible. We never know what tomorrow is going to hold so lets hold on tight to today and the memories we can make.

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