Taking the stress out of Black Friday

I know. I know…. Were grateful and then trampling people in lines for deals the next day. Heres the skinny though! Often times, if shopping is done the RIGHT way you can knock Christmas gifts out of the park without breaking the bank.

There is so much information online, so many emails flooding our in boxes, and so many commercials that it can be straight overwhelming where to go, what to do, and you end up saying screw it and deleting things as soon as they come in.

This year I was committed to a simplistic Christmas with saving money and not starting the new year off with regrets. I have spent weeks compiling the best deals and places to shop for kids, home, and family. (Best part?) You can do it all without leaving your home.

Lets get to it!

If your like me, you do animal stockings! This can totally add up – Chewy is my favorite spot for the fur children and their entire store is already hosting black Friday!

Spoil the fur babies – Entire Store 50% off

image1 (5)

Kids Learning Tablets – Walmart – 70% Off

kindle-fire-hd-kids-editionWay Fair – My favorittttttteeee place for home decor Entire Store 70% Off


For Black Friday I am all about stocking up on practical items we use every day! With Baby Tristan now here, diapers and wipes are HIGH on my agenda list. The Honest Company is offering 35% off their entire site and can we just talk about the reindeer diaper prints?! So stinking cute. Diapers for only $10.95 – Send me to the red nose cuteness


Instead of buying things…Make memories!!! Groupon is doing 80% off most deals until Thanksgiving at 4:00 p.m. – Hope on and get some family ice skating tickets!

Get an experience not a “thing”


This is only the begining my friends! I have done extensive research on when things go on sale, with timing, days, etc. (I will be doing the daily round up until Monday, including small businesses, etc.) Can’t wait to share my finds and I so hope it takes the stress off of your holiday shopping! When the rest of the family is snoring on turkey you can be shopping and stealing some deals!

Heres to a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, friends, memories, laughter, and good deals!


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