Black Friday Round Up – Early Bird

Happy Thanksgiving Ladies!

I hope everyone had wonderful food, delicious drinks, enjoyed their families and made new traditions! What it’s all about right?

Who else is whipping out elf on the shelf tomorrow? One of my favorite traditions we started when my eight year old was two was the elf on the shelf. Every thanksgiving we read the story and watch the dvd before bed and wake up to that mischievous Charlie back at his job! Tonight I put him in my daughters doll house bath tub topped with marshmallows and a scavenger hunt for the littles to explore in the morning!!!! Eeeeek so excited! I’m a total sentimental holiday junkie –  no shame.

If you missed yesterdays post, just let me re cap! We have compiled all the best deals on home & family for Black Friday to take the stress off of the constant commercials, emails, and advertisements flooding your inbox and social media.

I have compiled list of the best deals each day from different businesses with links attached for easy browsing and buying! Okay mammas lets save some money and get some deals!

Happy Shopping – Tonight I am doing bigger items which are on crazy sales for all under $200! SAY WHATTTTT????? You better believe I am hopping on these as well!

All Things Home – Shop Here

Okay now lets dive into clothing! Mom life – Yoga Pants!!! Am I rightttt?? All though that can get expensive!!! I swear every time I shop during the year I spend $30 – $40 on one pair that is either going to get covered in paint, spackle, or baby spit up! This Black Friday I found all name brand deals such as Nike, Adidas, Etc. for under $20! Helllloooooo my friends! Can I get an amen!

All under $40 – shop here

Baby Extravaganza all 50% off


Stay tuned for day three, now lets get our shopping out of the way and enjoy a good ol fashion Turkey Coma!



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