The Algorithm & How to Beat It.

You’ve heard all about it. Your wondering why people are not seeing your post and I am here to share a simplified way to amp up your followers and beat that algorithm once and for all. (Well at least until it changes again.)

So what is an algorithm?

It is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.


eeeekkkkk. Pump the brakes…what the heck does that mean and how are we supposed to understand that? I am going to go ahead and dive in and break down exactly how you can succeed in the social media marketing game.

Ready to crush it in 2019?

  • Ever notice how your mom may have 20 followers but constantly is popping up in your feed? Here is why….The algorithm puts who you interact with most on your feed first. Who you are commenting, liking, interacting with the big man of IG is taking notes and trying to put that in your feed first. So how do we take advantage of this feature? We start commenting, liking and engaging with content that we want popping up in our feed. If someone comments on your picture you comment back as soon as possible. You see the more we are engaging the higher our rates go up. We ideally want to have engagement rate of atleast 2.5% per photo. Ways to monitor engagement are downloading apps such as Later or Plann that tell you exactly what is working and what is not.
  • When a single post receives a ton of comments, likes, shares at a high rate immidiately after posting, you also have a higher chance of showing up in peoples feeds because its showing IG “Hey this is a hot topic” show this. A huge key note on how to achieve this is posting at the RIGHT TIMES. Pay attention to when you get the most engagement. Probally at 5 right at dinner is not the most ideal time to post. Do a little research and pay attention to what works best for yours specific content. A general study for 2019 analized that the most ideal posting times were between 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. EST.
  • Time, time, oh our precious sweet time. The algorithm also watches how much time you sped interacting with content. The more time people are spending on your post, commenting, looking, clicking, etc. the more IG is going to push your post in front of others.


  • DM Sharing…All though there is no “tracker” of who has shared your post via a DM the Instagram Gurus are still watching and paying attention. So make sure you are creating awesome content that people are tagging friends and fired up to share what you have to offer.
  • Ever wonder how influencers or IG celebs got there? Make sure your IG has these main components for a good beginging to the races…

Are you using a call to action to create engagement?

Are you using all 30 hash tags and making them relateable yet trendy with what someone may be searching?

Are you posting at the best possible times for engagement?

Is your IG Feed aesthetic and pretty to the eye? Does it all flow?

instagram-algorithm (1)

Hopefully this is a step in the right direction to totally kill the IG Marketing Game this year. – Stay tuned for Wednesdays blog on making your IG pretty and how to make it happen. 


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