Branding Like a Boss

Why is it as women we are the first ones to totally bash ourselves and get the blues or stuck in the comparison hamster wheel, that let’s get real, is not healthy and has ZERO wins for anyone.

So you know your passion, you have your goals, and your are ready to totally CRUSH IT IN 2019 – but wait….Branding? Putting myself out there?

Maybbbbeeee I’ll just wait til next year? LIKE HELL YOU WILL GIRL! FIGURE IT OUT! Fall, scrape your knees, get up and learn how to do it again but now flawlessly with a little character built up behind you in experience.

Any one else out there have this internal argument on the daily? I know I did once upon a time.

So today we are spilling it all on how to create your personal brand to fit exactly you! The tips, tricks, and struggles I learned from I am sharing with you today in hopes that you can take at least one thing to help you launch into what ever it is you want to become in this whole “adulting” entrepreneurship were creating!

So grab a coffee or a BIG glass of wine (because whats the point of a small pour when were getting creative with our bad selves and lets dive right in.)

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What is branding? Branding is creating your general look of what people see when they first come across your page or business. Its your little mark in this big world. What do you represent? Is it mommyhood? cooperate Business? Are you sweet, funny, a smart ass? What do you want people to walk away feeling when they leave your page? Do you want them to feel support? Like they learned something? Like they want to cry? Like they are moved? Like they are ready to shop? Branding is about creating your ultimate esthetics for what you are all about. Do your pictures all make the same sense or are you Posting “Make America Great Again” followed by a cute Puppy followed by a picture of a mountain? That is BAD BRANDING my friends. You want it to flow like a river Pocahontas would sing a magical song next too.

How do I make my photos all “flow” without having to match colors and spend hours planning? I am all about saving time and working efficiently. Planning all greens for 9 squares, then all reds, then all yellows…..Thats a lot of work and for my business just not practical. I’ve got mamas to support, businesses to run, and three crazy kids to chase. So how I personally make my brand flow is by using different presets in light room and making sure each piece of content I post is edited with that same preset. For example I will go on Etsy (because I love supporting another maker) purchase a preset and use that preset for Summer then when Fall comes I’ll find one with maybe warmer hues and use this for all of fall…Your catching my drift right? You want someone to not want to look away from your page so you get a chance to share your brand and what you are about. However if your page is not pretty to look at you will get over looked no matter how great your words and content are. Make everything flow together into what your overall big picture is.

Focus on what you represent and do not fall stray to this purpose. – Sure you can evolve and change over time, but always stay true to your core reason and truth. With this you will always have a strong foundation that can branch off where ever you want at a later time. Until your foundation is as strong as nails though do not squirrell from your core.

Video Video and More Video Nothing says personal like connection. The closest thing we have to human connection when branding is video! It is the most awkward thing in the whole wide world of course when first talking to yourself on your camera. This is the new age though and people do not just want to see pictures they want to hear your voice, see you, learn what your personality is like. SHOW THEM and be real. (This is where that large glass of wine comes in.)

The three C’s of Branding – Clarity, Consistency, and Constancy. 

Establish a following and get to know your target audience. Do not be afraid to ask questions. What do they like? What do they want to see more of? Who are they? GET TO KNOW THEM.


Creating your personal brand is so special and so exciting. Dive in, go with your gut and learn as you go. What worked? Do more of just that. What flopped? Cross that out of your game plan. Move onward and upward and let no-one stand in your way. (Most of all the noone is ourselves.)

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