Top 5 Tricks for a Bedroom Flip.

The bedroom reveal (and all my flops along the way.) I knew when I redid our bedroom that the intention would be a clean space that was bright, relaxing, and simple. The rest of my house is farm house so I needed to incorporate that in somehow but loved the idea of all black, white, and grey. When first designing or getting ready to redecorate any space I always do the first three things.

  • Deep Clean
  • De Clutter
  • Find my “Shape Flow” – I’ll explain…

The biggest thing in our room was painting the walls and getting rid of the awful “antique white” that was such a trend in the 80’s. Once I began painting our walls I ran into a slight problem that my ceiling was still yellow…Let’s face it who wants to paint a ceiling white?

Step One: Pick a paint color you love and get a fresh coat of paint in the space. Nothing refreshes an area like a new color or a fresh coat of bright white. (Remember dark colors push and light colors pull) If you are doing a smaller space stick with brighter colors or white. With big spaces any thing goes!

Step Two: If you are re doing furniture or picking out brand new pieces make sure the furniture is something that you are going to love for years to come and not something that will fall apart in six months. I chose to go with WayFair because you get quality items for such a good deal. Here our the direct links to the pieces I chose.

Get Our Head Board

Get Our Night Stands

The Bedding

Step Three: Find your shape flow for decor! Okay in each room I find a piece and try to bounce other pieces off of its shape. For example in our bedroom we have a little crystal ball hanging from the top of our ceiling fan, so our curtain rods have a matching crystal ball at each end of the rod, I then found these amazing lamps at Target which had the circles as well so everything flowed in round shapes. (The rest of my house is pretty much rectangular but wanted something a little more feminine and soft for the bedroom.) Pick one shape and make it flow through out the space.

Step Four: Decor. In every room I have something that tells a story and is hand made. Maybe a quirk of mine but the feeling of something custom and made just for my family is so special. In our room I chose custom cuts from one amazingly fierce and strong women named Heidi. I was taken away when I heard her story and had to share it with y’all. With out further a due Meet Heidi of Feather & Birch.

This is the short story….

Started as a hobby in 2009 to be a creative outlet with a desire to create kids room decor unlike any other. An Etsy store was built and served as my creative outlet for nearly 4 years. In 2013 at the age of 28 an unexpected surprise arose…colon cancer. My focus became even more about family, faith, surgeries, chemotherapy and getting healthy. 2014, in the thick of a cancer battle I realized, if I can get healthy I want to do what makes me happy and I want to give back. Once healthy in 2015, I quit my full time job of 10 years and officially started Feather and Birch.

My goal for Feather and Birch is to be a platform to share and inspire others with my health journey, to help my community and charities grow and thrive and to support my family and friends.  If interested, a longer version of the long story is on my blog. Thank you for reading.

HOW AMAZING IS SHE?! Ok now check out these pieces from her store! She truly is one talented woman! Order Your Custom Cut Here

Step Five: As in any space, have fun with it, bring your personality to life and make it yours. Thats the beauty of making a plain ol’ house a beautiful home you look forward to coming home too every day.

As Always…Stay Amazing…Know You’re Awesome… & Happy Decorating.

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