10 ways to decorate a Mud Room.

When we first moved into our home this was one of my favorite spaces. However I turned it into a “craft room” making it completely not useful for its original design. Living in the country and have three kids (two of which are constantly playing outside in red dirt) I learned quickly a mud room and space to actually fold laundry was absolutely essential for me to have. Being on a budget I was able to create a happy little space for under $300 which is completely productive. Today we’re walking through all the tips & tricks on completely transforming a clutter zone into an organized space.

  1. Clear that clutter! I can’t express the importance of this step. When you start a room make sure all the junk is out first. If you haven’t used it in 90 days than get rid of it! Starting with a clear and clean space is huge in visioning exactly how you want your end result to turn out.
  2. Deep Clean. I love starting with a sparkly space! Every thing from the ceilings to the floor I scrub. This creates nice tidy drawer space, organized cabinets, all the nooks and crannies that only you can see still scrub! (It truly does something mentally in feeling refreshed and ready for what’s next!) Magic Erasers are my serious go to for projects such as this.
  3. Know your style… If you are unsure start scrolling Pinterest and pin fifty house pins you admire. After seeing the continued style on your board you will know if its modern, contemporary, farm house, country, rustic, vintage…..So many to choose from! I love making different changes in every room but continually having it all flow together. For this particular space I chose Farm House.
  4. Make it practical! If I’ve learned anything in this giant renovation its that anything you make un useful will not get used and you will eventually spend more time and money changing it! Let’s face it…time is your most valuable asset. The one thing you can never get back. Use it wisely.
  5. Simplicity is key! I choose one centerpiece of a room and a few decor pieces to balance it out because my ocd comes into full effect if the space is not “balanced”.

6. Space Savers are everywhere! Get creative! I absolutely love the ironing cover for the dryer vs. the traditional ironing board and it saves a ton of space! I also went with a bench shoe cubby instead of a rack so it has dual purposes.

7. The centerpiece I chose was “Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow” Get Your Custom Cut Here Craft Cuts is my go to for centerpieces. I am a bit of a word fanatic and love sweet or silly sayings through out the house. The fonts I used are Betterfly & Waverly for this particular piece.

8. Have fun with the space and make it your own! Remember colors are everything and as long as you have a nice flowing space it will all come together beautifully.

9. If you have no windows or natural light in a room make sure to add some sort of greenery to bring in the brightness in a natural way! I chose hanging succulents which I’m totally obsessing over! The perfect extra touch.

10. Head on over to the “Home” tab on the top of the webpage for full links of this room makeover and we managed to swing this entire space for under $300.00

Happy Decorating!

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