Media Kit Checklist

Let’s start out with what the heck is a media kit and why do you need it to pitch to brands? A media kit is YOU. It’s what you have to offer a company and how you plan to do it. This is the hammer of your tool belt (aka essential.) It helps raise awareness and show case your previous work and stats. It’s a numbers game ladies.

Today put away all the reservations and let’s do this! Here is a printable of the checklist you will need to get the ball rolling and what big brands want to see.


How do I make it look professional? I love using Canva. You can custom design and add any fun extras to make it personal and authentic. Remember to stay true to your brand and not try to go off of someone else.

What if I don’t have a logo? Well hop on over to Etsy and get one made. You can get a complete branding setup to get you started for under $25.00

I don’t have a camera for headshots? Grab some good lighting, throw that HDR on your I phone, set the timer and SNAP! There is your first head shot!


Let's Give Them Something To Talk About