Should you sell up or do up your home?

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There comes a point at everyone’s life where they look around and think: is it time to move on? It might be that your family has grown over the last couple of years and you’re running out of space or it could be that the location that was so right is wrong now.


Whether you decide to sell up or do up your home, you need to be thinking about two things: what you need to make a space work for you and how much money you have to invest. Even if you do up your house with the intention of staying put, you should always make sure that any changes you make will add value.

Selling Up

Selling your home is often the simplest way to get exactly what you want. However, you should bear in mind that there are costs involved with moving. You will need to pay your real estate agents fees, sort out transport costs and you may have to pay taxes if your house has appreciated significantly.


The best way to find the right house for you – and one that is worth the cost of moving – is to look at a few different houses on the market. Even if you find the perfect house on your first search, do have a look at a couple more just to be sure there’s nothing better out there. Moving house should always be a carefully considered process so don’t allow yourself to feel pressured into buying immediately.


When you do find a house you like, you should always book a real estate inspection to ensure that the house is as it seems. Lots of sellers will try to cover up problems in their property with superficial fixes and finding them now will give you a better idea of what you are actually buying. You may decide to lower your offer and fix the issues yourself or you could decide to retract your offer altogether and resume your search.   

Doing Up

If you love your location and your house, it could be that doing it up is a better option. You would be amazed by how much difference a new kitchen or a bathroom upgrade can make to your life! Even flipping your bedroom can give a new lease of life to your property.


For lots of people struggling for space, an addition is a good idea. However, there are still some pros and cons to think about. Though the cost of any room addition will usually add value to your house should you sell it, this isn’t a guaranteed result. On the other hand, an addition is always going to be the best way to give you the space you need.


You will have to spend quite a bit on home renovations but the results will be amazing. If you take this opportunity to decorate the whole house at once, you will certainly feel like you’ve moved!


Whether you choose to sell up or do up, the most important thing is that you finally achieve the lifestyle you really want.


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