The 30 Day Marriage Challenge.

You fall in love. You have butterflies. There’s fireworks and magic and cupid shooting little heart arrows everywhere. The feeling is explosive right? Then you get married and have the honeymoon phase of being a Mrs. and promising to always be the best most supportive woman to this man in the world.


Then….Then my friends comes the babies…The babies get bigger…Then comes the chaos. We all have been there, we all know that feeling of not being able to feel “sexy” and sparks because were so damn exhausted from mommin so hard all day. It’s next to impossible to flip the switch and be that woman you once promised to be. From the messy buns and wondering the last time you shaved your legs to being a vixen and feeling those little arrows shoot you in the booty can be quit the challenge.

I love simplicity and creating a change through small baby steps vs. rocking your world upside down with more stress than you already have on your plate. This challenge is easy, rewarding, and I promise you will see changes in your marriage if you stick to it. Even if its not vixen-world rocking it will be connection and the butterflies all over again because you’re doing something which you’ve forgotten how to do. For me…it was being a wife.

You see I get so sucked into mom mode and work mode that really there is nothing left of me to give and I thought for so long that I was experiencing this by myself on a lone island until I had other women reach out to me feeling THE SAME WAY.

Shocker! Most of us struggle but just keep it inside. 


So without further a due. Let’s get it spicy with this thirty day marriage challenge.

  1. Leave him a sweet note.
  2. Go a whole day without correcting him or asking him for anything.
  3. Hug or kiss him three times for absolutely no reason.
  4. Ask “what can I help you with today?”
  5. Kiss him the first time you see him in the morning.
  6. Repeat to yourself “he really loves us and is doing everything he can to be an amazing leader for our family.”
  7. Put a date night on the calendar – book the babysitter and do it.
  8. Cook his favorite dinner at home.
  9. Put yourself in his shoes and imagine how he’s feeling.
  10. Pray for wisdom in being his better half. Remember marriage is something you choose every day. Not something that is easy and smooth sailing.
  11. Surprise him with lingerie.
  12. Do not use sarcasm with him today or make any low blow comments.
  13. Tell him how much you love and appreciate him.
  14. Laugh with him today.
  15. Who is a wife you admire? Try and be her today.
  16. Don’t ask him for honey do’s today.
  17. Assume the best about him.
  18. Today focus on patience.
  19. Remember that being loved by him is your greatest blessing.
  20. Forgive him and don’t hold a grudge when he makes you mad.
  21. Encourage him and praise him for something you’ve noticed today.
  22. Treat him with respect today.
  23. Look at him admiringly and make sure he notices. (Ladies remember men need occasional ego stroking.)
  24. Ask his opinion on something instead of just doing it.
  25. Turn off your computer, TV and put down your phone and just talk for one hour.
  26. Today focus on Love. What ever that means to you – do it.
  27. Surprise him in the shower today.
  28. Do not interrupt or talk over him when he is communicating.
  29. Surprise him with a gift today.
  30. Let him sleep in and take the kids to the park for the morning.

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