How to not become one of those road ragers

It’s fascinating how the everyday driving experience can go from pleasurable to making you steaming hot with rage. There’s something about being behind the wheel that makes us all amped up. Our senses are at a high level, but so are our emotions. So many people on the roads get into arguments and fights with people they don’t even know. Yet there they are on the roads risking their lives to get one car length ahead by cutting off other drivers, paying more attention to their phones than their driving and generally treating the road like their personal racing circuit. You can enter the car for a journey nice and calm but by the time you have reached your destination, you can be sweating buckets and heavily breathing with vindictive anger. Don’t let someone in another car ruin your day. 

Spot the unstable

Once you’ve been on the road for a number of years it will become easy to spot the drivers that you need to steer clear of. For example if you’re on the highway, you will be able to see who you should anticipate for by using your mirrors. While driving straight ahead, every now and then you’ll peep in your mirror to see behind you. If you can see a car that is weaving, overtaking and undertaking as they approach you, be careful of sudden lane changes. Slow down a little so your car is not timed with their lateral maneuvers. Allow them to pass you, don’t try to speed up and make them catch up or get even faster to overtake you. This can result in the unstable driver to play a game of brake checking which is a common theme among road ragers.

Evidence says otherwise

YouTube has tons of videos on road rage drivers. Most of the time on normal life, you can’t really prove that you were in the right. When the police or bystanders show up, it’s your story against theirs. Nobody knows who to believe and even though you are the one in the right, you’ll most likely never have the complete clearance from suspicion. It boils down to a game of he said, she said. But not when you have a dash cam. Look at the blackbox my car top dash cams review and see which cam would suit your needs, price range and car. When you have video and audio proof of someone else causing you an accident because of their road rage, your insurance won’t punish you and you will have the ultimate defence should you be dragged in front of the courts.

Don’t feed the rager

There’s something uniquely wrong with those that so easily get into a road rage spat. Either these people are looking for trouble or they are obnoxious to the point of causing harm. Either way, don’t engage with the rager and play their games. Don’t brake check them, engage in swerving to keep them behind you or engage in some kind of street race. Serious injury or worse awaits those that do.

Road rage is something we’ll all experience at least once in our driving lives. The best thing to do is to remember you’re in a 1+ ton chunk of metal and doing stupid things with people you don’t even know usually doesn’t end well.


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