How to effectively plan out content.

Living intentional is a huge deal for me and a giant part of success in my opinion, but when it comes to content planning how do we become intentional. How do we not get sucked on the gram and in the eternal struggle of comparing ourselves to others?

This can become unhealthy fast. We get glued to the phone instead of living life and enjoying the moment right where we are at which in the end steals our joy.


Whether your a full time blogger, influencer, or working in network marketing, chances are you struggle with coming up with consistent content to keep your audience engaged.

When I first started my blog the biggest struggle was staying motivated and creative with coming up with content in which my audience would engage with.

A huge road block was fear. What if I offended someone? What if someone made fun of me? What if someone judged me?

After over two years of trial and error I learned someone is always going to have something to say about what you do.

You know what?

Thats okay. You are not everyones cup of tea and dang it, what a boring world if we were? Am I right?!


Showing myself? Heckkkk noooo I def was not going to be seen as a narcissist who just took selfies all day.

Heres the deal though….Let’s talk numbers. Put all of your “feelers” away and let’s discuss some IG statistics.

Your followers follow you because they want to know YOU, they are interested or inspired by your story and journey. When you post pictures that relate nothing to your story like a cute puppy or a beautiful mountain it loses interest.

Be confident with your brand and what you are representing.

(Refer to branding like a boss on the blog if you are still creating and finding your passion.)

When I started showing up in my lovely little squares do you know what happened? My following grew 67% in six months. THIS IS HUGE. On top of that my engagement rate went from .05% to 4.5% (Your goal is 2 – 6% as an influencer)

So what changed? I’ll never keep a good secret…(I can’t even keep Christmas presents a secret half the time.)

My goal is to help women just like you SUCCEED, FLY and ESCAPE FEAR.

I became INTENTIONAL. I downloaded the app that saved my sanity.

PLANN. – Okay download that before we carry on….

Then I broke down my week….


Mondays – I write my blogs for the week (Mon, Wed, and Fri) are my posting days.

Tuesday – Content Day – I gaze Pinterest, gather ideas for what I want to deliver and create for the week.

Wednesday – Shoot Day – I spend all day exploring new places, doing new projects, including my kids and attempting to make it as fun as possible and create seven solid pictures in which I’ll post for the following week.

Thursday – Etsy Day. We craft… like all day longggg.

Friday – I focus on something to feed my spiritual soul.

Saturday and Sunday – Projects, Emails, and FAMILY.

The next hurtle is presets… Personally I love light room and get all my Pre Sets off of Etsy and than tweak until their my own and unique. Currently I am using “California Preset” love the summer vibes it gives off.

Until Monday – Stay tuned…… You’ve got some homework to do lady gang!

Monday we are talking all about beating the odds and how to truly engage with your followers beating the “new algorithm” which just launched on the gram.


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