Essential Emotional Health Boost for New Moms

Pregnancy, labor, and the first few months after birth when you are trying to wrap your head around having a brand new little human to look after can be intense. In fact, they can be good-intense, and challenging-intense too, and that is why new moms often need a bit of extra help in the emotional health department. Luckily, you can find some essentials suggestions that will boost this aspect of your well-being below. 


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Don’t be afraid of asking for help 


An issue a lot of new moms seem to go through when they first have their baby is that they feel they have to do everything themselves. Of course, this really is a recipe for exhaustion and a dip in emotional and mental health! After all, your body has not only gone through an exceptional occurrence, but the hormonal changes and lack of sleep that you experience as a new mother can really take their toll as well. 


To that end, it is always worth asking for help from those around you if you need it. Actually, there is no shame in asking your SO to take the baby, so you can have a shower, or asking your mom to look after the little one so you can just take a few minutes to yourself. In fact, it is well worth doing to help you maintain your emotional well being. This being essential for you and your baby. 


Get some me-time 


It’s easy to think of me-time as a luxury that you can’t afford when you are a new mom. After all, the baby is so dependent on you for everything. However, it can actually be beneficial to schedule in at least a little me time each week where you get to do something that is for you and you only. 


Of course, to do this, you will need to get good at asking for a little help from others, as discussed above. It’s also often a smart idea to book in a specific activity like acupuncture, yoga, or even a coffee with friends that will boost your emotional well being for this me time too. It being much easier to keep to such appointments, and they give you something to look forward to in the week as well.   


Reach out to others in a similar situation 


Next, don’t forget that while it can feel as if you are all alone, especially when you’ve got to get up for the 3rd time in the middle of the night for a feed, you absolutely aren’t. In fact, there are millions of people going through exactly the same experience right now, as well as millions more that have experienced it in their lives. 


What this means is that there is a large pool of people you can reach out to, and gain some support from. Even if it is just them empathizing with how hard it is right now. 


In fact, there are all sorts of online mums groups like Mumsnet that you access no matter what the time of day or night. Something you can use not only to get some reassurance if there is something that is worrying you but also to get that sense of community that new moms often need so badly for their emotional well being as well


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